Friday, November 16, 2007

Box jumping assignment

ooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... monsters,

please do check out the box jumping animation (it seems) which was done as a part of the assignment.
Let me know your valuable C&C's :-)

ooooooooorrr happy animating,


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

hi deepak,

nice animation! the jumps are looking smooth and neat! the upper half of the character is following the lower half quite well!

now, since it is not established anywhere that the character is fully determined to dodge all the cones, it is looking linear!

i mean, when there is no story before or after the animation, it would add some variety if u can make one of the jumps or dodges a bit uncertain, like it is fumbling at first but still avoids the cones.

thats what i feel, other than that it looks cool! keep posting more of your cool works! good work!

vabhu said...

Hi Monsters

OK Little monsters

I was just googling around the net and i got ur blog. It seems to be a nice place for aspiring animators as i m. But there is no such info about u ppl & ur community. I want to know abt u ppl. Can i join ur blog? If yes then how?

Unknown said...

Well, this is pretty neat animation. I agree to chandra, all jumps feels like having even timing. u might have tried some difference in timing between each jump..may be like..'a jump..a hold,big antic..a bigger jump..small hold..then a couple of jumps together'..something like that..u know. Play around with the timing of of the whole scene.

Well,otherwise the stuff is really good. i like the overlapping..the box looks a bit too flubbery but i imagine that's the style u intentionally put in:) What I can prescribe in this clip is just a few blinks.. a jump takes a lot of strain for taking the weight up and balancing it after falling use ur imagination and find where u can add the blinks in an interesting way :) good luck! great going buddy!

damncreative said...

Hey deepak. nice work. like the feel. I ve couple of comments

666 has given u everything about texture in timing and stuff. I feel ur not rotating the body while jumoing. I mean when u jump side to side u should rotate the body too. now it feels like he s lookin at a point and jumping blindly. Pretty neat work. polish it and it ill be good

U rock man

Chintan Shah said...

hey dude... u got most of the comments... but ya i wud love the idea of having those blinks in the antic which roshan suggested... it wud be pretty cool to see tht, and like wht chandra suggested abt having the lil fumble seems unique too, coz in the cg world we always tend to make things perfect... we often ( its happens to me, dunno abt others ) forget abt lil things as fumblings etc..

good work man,