Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Corrected box jumping animation

Bonjour Monsters,

Thanks to all your previous comments on this box animation, i have corrected this to some extent for you reviews again :)

Thanks and happy animating :)


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

neat! the last jump is being held in the air for a long time, can be reduced. the part where he dashes with the camera, he tries to push the camera right? so make it look like he is struggling, the actions are linear and he gives up very casually. so make him try once, twice and then give up! just think about it. just my point of view! if you agree!

nice work and cheers!

damncreative said...

hey good work. tht last jump need work. and the ending part is kinda mushy. needs lot of work. u should get the feeling more like he didnt notice the camera and THUDDDDD ... try for tht. And work on tht recover after hitting the camera. Ne way. nice work . Its gr8 pleasure to watch all ur works. U got gr8 sense of story telling, visualization . Keep it up man

Deepak Arasu said...

Thanks Partners, will fix these issues as soon as i can :)

Unknown said...

nw's it's looking faar better !! i liked the work till he hits the cam..the struggling to get back thingy is not really working i guess.. u might try some different timing and show a lil weight for the character... the pushing and all really need some slow in/slow out in order to make him feel like an object with mass.keep goin! nice work!

KASANA said...

Nice work deepak.
Love the variation in the timing. but you have slowed him down when he coming close to camera.
Anything coming towards camera goes more fast. And another thing I've one suggestion in compostion in last. you can cheat. when he is hitting the camera lift him up so that he cover whole screen space. to showmore impact.