Thursday, January 31, 2008

WIP - "The Preformance" a shot gag for Ballman and Ballman interaction test animation

Bonjour Monsters,

Your C&C on this test animation. Your comments will help, when i rework on this animation soon. Its a WIP and i have plans of changing a lot of things in this short gag. But for now Ill be submitting it as this semesters WIP final submissions.

Happy animating!



Nary said...

Man ! i must say i loved this ! .. LOL.. story works really well ! nice animation too !
just a couple of suggestions.. am sure u have these in mind, however..
One; after the curtain falls, the roman stands still doing nothing, i guess you can make him also to react to the unexpected scene..
Two; you can speed the runs of both.. ballman and ballwoman.. :)
the running ballman runs enough but covers less distance for the efforts he's taking.. u can make him cover more distance for each run step..
Other wise, its rocking ! :) watched it several times and enjoyed it.. !
keep up the good work..

happy animating ! :)

rajeshtheanimator said...

hey thats a good delivers the idea very well. i know it needs some more polishing here and there, but over all u r getting there my pal.. keep going.. all the best !!
happy animating :)

Harish k said...

hohoho!! WOW!! thats one wicked animation piece...super cool..keep up the good work..Cheers
-harish k

vedanth rajan said...

pretty nice! and i agree wit nary! the roman Actor could react a bit when he sees the unexpected scene! also i would like to add is that if u can make the ball man kinda pop back into the stage... you know like peeking at whats happening and end it there it would make it more funnier. also theres a bit of a shake on his left leg of the actor on his 3rd and final step. i dono if u intended that...

Loved the concept! cool animation!

damncreative said...

Hey buddy. gr work. Awesome. very nice concept and executed well. The idea is clear. But it aint polished. Ve some suggestions for u.when he stops after walking. Hit a nice dramatic pose.Then let audience throw all those stuff. Now its like pre planned. Do not hold this guy too much. animate him. Let him be scared on the screen.make a stagger might work. Just play around with timing to get the funny moment. Keep workin on it. Nice progress. love it


Prasad said...

ha ha ha ...funny ...i can't stop laughing...lovely concept and fantastic animation...

...watching for several times now you can notice some mistakes here and there like some popping in walk, his standing almost motion less in one shot etc...but you said it's polish it...we will be eagerly waiting to see the end results...lot's of luck...

Dapoon said...

hey pal u did an amazing job! very cool and superbly hilarious! ofcourse as the others have commented, there ARE a few areas here and there that need polishing. however as the others suggested that u shud've made the roman react to the kissing scene behind, i beg to differ. if i've guessed right, the roman is NOT s'posed to be aware of the kissing scene behind, he's s'posed to be involved with himself...sulking in one corner, right? however i STILL feel u SHOULD have made the roman guy do SOMETHING instead of coming to a standstill! cuz he just becomes lifeless. also if he's s'posed to sulk, i think u kinda lost out on ur character's attitude there. his body language doesn't seem like he's sulking. so instead of making him standdtill, u could've worked more on him sulking! anyway it was a brilliant effort! rock on!