Monday, February 25, 2008

Drunk? and gone to a bus stop? - a short gag

Bonjour Monsters,

I am sure you would have seen this before, but now i have made a few changes and have rendered this as a short gag. Let me know what you guys think?
Thanks to all you previous comments :)

Happy animating! :)


Prasad said...

so what happened to the box at the end..was he hit by the vehicle ?...sad...he he he he...loved the work...rendering it and adding music made it more interesting...lot's of luck..

damncreative said...

awesome dude. rendering makes it even better. ending could ve been much better. But its cool. nice work bro. keep it up:)

Harish k said...

awesome stuff!! loved the box..drunk!! nice acting!!

Dapoon said...

it's tough enough making a PERSON act drunk, u did it with a box...that has no hands no legs!! awesome!! that's the test of a true animator! congratulations!

Deepak Arasu said...

Thanks a lot guys i had posted the same at a few forums and the following are the comments for the same. Just thought this might help all

"I liked the animation. But I have something that I would do differently. The main thing that, the box character, more than looking drunk, seemed more like a gooey clump, flubbery, with that secondary animation. Dint seem like he was losing balance, but trying to keep himself from falling and maintaining his composure.

Seemed pretty uniform. Also the tail of the ball character was not any different from the rest of the tail movements.In a character like that, apart from the bounce and the direction of the stretch you'd see more body language from the tail, you know. All of the movements had the same acting choice.

The critique was only as far as the acting choices went, for this animation.

Animation wise, you've done a commendable job with not making either of the characters seem static. the timing seems to be working for me too. To beef it up, i'd only have some of the "acting choices" changed to better the performance.

Keep up the energy dude."