Monday, March 17, 2008

Character Walk Cycle

Hi Monsters,

I have now almost done with the character walk cycle, could you please give me your comments on improving it :)

Good news: Jump assignment on progress :)

Happy animating :)


Prasad said...

Bravo ! Bravo !..looks great..

Girishct said...

this`s really good.

vedanth rajan said...

coming out really good dude!!!

Deepak Arasu said...

Thanks guys, but give me some comments to improve :)

shiva said...

he feels too light. you can curve the transalteY on the root more to get a nice feel of weight.

once he comes down, the root feels like it hit something. imagine your legs are like good shock absorbers. just smooth the translate y after it comes down.

the toes should have a rotate down after the feet leave the ground. like a nice push-off.

maybe you already know this. the arms when coming back, during the passing position stays in place for few frames and then goes back. you can try to fix it.

from the front view, the feet doesn't rotate sideways. while taking off, i see that you are translating it side to side. it's a good thing. but just before the foot lifts-off, rotate the feet in the direction it's translating with the toes still on ground.

overall, great work.

shiva said...

also one more thing. don't forget to animate the shoulders. it's very important.

damncreative said...

hey buddy gr8 job. well done. u gettin the feel. but m gonna talk about timing. Ur animation is missing on the timing part. When he goes up. Give some hang time and get him down early. It gives a nice sense of weight and adds texture . Now it feels tht the char is too light. Weight is missing. I feel the leg should stretch when he s about to hit the ground. Work on timing and post it. lets c how it goes. good job. keep pushing it