Thursday, April 3, 2008

Acting for animators - The short play

Bonjour mONsteRS :)

Found sometime, so had rendered the play in a low res now.In case if you have seen it already, please burp! This is for those who haven't ;)

Character cast:
Psyco killer - Addisu
Drunkard - Rangeesh
God - Suparna Das
Rich Women - Sushma
Elvis Actor - Ganesh Shetty
Monkey - Deepak Arasu

Script by: Addisu, Rangeesh, Suparna, Sushma, Ganesh and Deepak

Directed by: Kasana


damncreative said...

awesome play. nice to c it again

Prasad said...

was fun to watch...enjoyed it like anything...that 'Deepak Arasu's' acting was superb !