Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boby Mechanincs - Weight lift Animation - WIP

Hello Partners,

Thanks for all your comments on the Jump, i am working on it. Now am done with the weight lift assignment for today's submission but got to polish it more.

The below mentioned are the last comments given by my mentor at the class.

1. While he shrugs his shoulder, he needs a little pause.
2. During the 1st and the 2nd pull when he sits on the floor, the right foot role need to be reduced.
3. During the 2nd pull, first he needs to pull a little more and then get up and move his left leg.
4. Need the increase or fix the timing when he is lifting the box from the ground.
5. After lifting the box, he needs a nice settle.

I need your C&C's for the same on further improving it please :)


Prasad said...

Fantastic animation...nothing much to point out from my side...great stuff !

...just one thing..why you need to show him thinking in the can show him thinking through some other action..nothings wrong in what you did..just that this start is so common..many people use this...the characters think looking at the box, and then he lifts it up...i mean we can show is thinking process through his action..we may not want him to think literally...hope you understand what i am trying to say...just forget if you feel odd about it...have a nice day !

Deepak Arasu said...

Thanks prasad, i tried two different gestures initially like scratching his head at the back and then again trying to exercise his shoulders etc. but it looked like they were all done . So, finally tried this one.

The concept is that the scene starts with a scene take audition - taping and he is acting as if the box is heavy, in the end there is a gear change where he spins the box and kicks it off and the box falls on the floor as if it was very light. but due to the submissions had to complete it early.

Anyways... thanks a lot for the comments i will keep this thing in mind :)

shiva said...

for the second lift, the body needs to come closer to the box. the heavier the object is, the more we try to get close to it when lifting.

and also when lifting, the root needs to come down more a little and then lift up.