Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Body Mechanics - Jump Animation

Bonjour Monsters,

Your C&C's on this WIP - jump animation please...:D


Prasad said...

super cool animation !...loved how he hesitated to get up near the end...however watch the hands at the end...they sway lifelessly at the end...looks like IK is playing a role...do try fixing it...great work

KASANA said...

Good Work Deepak. YA I am agree with Prasad about IK hands.And I Feel if I will jump ...I ll push my tht

leg, on which I m landing but here he is just landing flat. I knw you rely very much on your video

shot....( you self obsessed mad man.... :)... ) but I feel ....you shld mix both.
Anyways its looking good.....Keep up the good work

Unknown said...

true.. the legs, either of them should be in full stretch before leaving the ground..that's the way u push ur body weight up..try jumping before a camera..i really like the extra bits after landing..it's fun stuff.. and the froggy nature of jump..nice job..u need to track the arcs on wrists and feel once again overall i guess.. pretty neat work man :)

Deepak Arasu said...

Thanks a lot guys, i will works on your comments :)

shiva said...

the feet feel sticky. drag the feet back when he's going back in anticipation. and also keep adjusting the feet whenever there's a weight shift.

Deepak Arasu said...

Thanks Shiva, i will fix this up as well.