Saturday, January 31, 2009


hey guys! how's everyone? it's REALLY been quite sometime for me in this blog! lol! and man so many posts!! AWESOME!

well coming to my post, wowowowow!! i LOVED this exercise!! reason one: i dont really play basketball myself (infact i hardly play any outdoor games or sports). so it was quite a challenge to GET into the character of a basketball player and animate this shot! reason two: i discovered how COOL basketball actually is!! seriously! i'm now a fan! michael jordan is a legend!! :D

well so here's my final assignment for the second semester: SPORTS! and this is probably one of those FEW exercises where i've actually stuck to the required time frame! lol! do give in ur C&C.

third semester HERE I COME!! :D

btw i still have to put up the weight lift assignment here! i havent really done justice to it, so once i finish REWORKING on it, i'll put it up! ;)


Prasad said...

awesome stuff man ! ...maybe try to give some slides to his legs, at those particular points when he stops to change a direction maybe...this will help in maintaining his momentum ... cool !

Harish k said...

wow AWESOME..nicely animated..hehe
i love that turn after that dunk nice animated..its come out awesome bro..
but few things

*i dont know why..if other feel the same,i dont feel the animation...u know sometimes when u see a animation u tent to move with it..the energy is missing actually..

*may be its because of the timing..its to even i feel.
dapoon when u animate thing like sports were body mechanics is the main goal...
u should animated it like slow-fast-slow and then the final break out..that would give a flavor to the animation..

*n ur dribbles u need to work n them ^_^

thats it from my side..i am sure u know all this..hehe..just work on them in holidays..this is really coming out awesome..waiting to see the update....dapoOOon..
ur the man...BWHAHEHEHEH!!

damncreative said...

Tts fascinating to animate basketball isnt it? I loved it when i animated at school. hehe. ne way , Its coming out really good. Liked it, and really nice build up. Man loved his slam dunk. Kaboooooomm and hes goes all crazy. haha. Here are a few suggestions to make it even better.

After he dribbles the ball at first, before he fakes the oppenent let him fake by goin left and then he runs to the right. Thats wat basketball players do, As u know they confuse the oppenent a lot.So see if u can add a extra few frames. And ur missing those slides and skids. Very very important and this is wat makes ya animation look cool.It adds a gr8 amount of flavour to it.Other than tht, u can really push the timing. Play around it. U need to get the a style , a character out of it. Every basketball player has his own style. So get tht coolness in the character.Exxagerate a LIL more. Just to make it a lil SPICY:).

Its comin out gr8 dude. Have a blast


Unknown said...

...nice dude..but over laps! i repeat ..overlaps.. when the character got long hands,use's ur tool to give weight and flow :)

tell u one place..before smashing the ball, he takes it and spin to dodge the brown guy..there,just because of less flow in hand's arc,the whole thing looks very pose-to-pose. if u delay the hand a bit and make it follow in a drag, it will look much better+ it will add the ball some weight..

try it out if u r not done already1

Dapoon said...

hey thanks for the inputs guys!! so it seems i havent gotten into the skin of a basketball player's character JUST yet! lol!
well yep now that i look back, i DO see the timing's more or less EVEN, with no energy or spice, and a lot of overlaps to take care of! it's actually IRRITATING to watch it now!! it's like he's playing so slow, u actually think those two dummies wud win! lol :D
and OFCOURSE i havent thrown in the towel as yet! i'll surely do the changes!
thanks once again guys! i'll work on them! :)