Thursday, May 14, 2009


...ha ha Some crap i did. flash. entirely spontaneous stuff..580 frames in 6 hours..No thoughts,No planning, No artificial flavors involved. free flow of mind , a lil bad mood ...and some flashcs3 :)

" And the Nightmares are back... i really thought she had left me for good, then... i think i was wrong... i run and run amok.. they still chase me like there is no tommorow...i flee to escape... but the impetus is so hard that it pushes me over the edge... "

".....but who am i fooling... no wonder even when i travel across seven lands, your love looks upon me like death... i don't want to bear your love and live till i age and wither off... let me be crucified... for you and millions of other unrequited love... "

lemme know if u like it :) i don't mind if u don't :D it's nothing great :D


KASANA said...

This is an Expression...Very much true n original. LOVED IT.
Can see your thought in this,Like FREE FLOW tata salt.
EXPRESSION at its height.

Chintan Shah said...

wicked dude.... really wicked... and truly inspiring... makes me hate 3d... i have always loved this kind of straight ahead animation... u can go on and on for hours... damn i wanna buy a nice tablet :(

p.s - please add some colours...rather make it a riot of colours

p.p.s - a note to the admins... how about having a "straight ahead 2d session" like this one... we guys just decide one topic for a week... and then we post the animations. wat say !!!

over n out.
chints :D

Prasad said...

ooh nice ! spontaneous and flowing's like painting, start with a small stroke, keep doing it and finally you have a nice completed picture ...great !

...and my hand raise for Chintans idea

Deepak Arasu said...

one life, one death, lets live it, realise it and achieve every f..k of it,before we r buried or burnt.

I can understand... Cheers

Dapoon said...

ABSTRACTION!! awesome roshan! great thought! i really love seeing such work where one thing flows into another. always mesmerizes me! id love to see it in colours too!

p.s. i also like chintan's suggestion... we can have our OWN competitions... say what admins!!

Unknown said...

a competition? lol! why don't we just have a fun session where all the stuff posted together in the a same final post :D competitions kill the spontaneity,trust me. we can just chose a broad idea ..and finish a clip..color,black and white..flash,2D,3D,stopmotion, papercuts..mixed media..well,if there's a Patrov around, acrylic on glass too :D ..any media..spontaneous animation.. i'm in :D give it a month's time.. but do it in a flow....:D gonna be fun. admins..make a move :D we ned one post to discuss ideas.. no WIP..i repeat..NO WIP..It should be like a start and a finish and a flow of ideas inbetween :D :D ..another post for the finals.. may be after that, u guys can decide on votes or wotever. but dnt kill the fun making it a challenge :D

Unknown said...

and yeah..thanks a lot guys for the comments.. actually the fun part is, i started the work with the volcano scene then kept adding stuff forward and backward from there..ended up this way :D

Harish k said...

awesome..i like everything form 19sec after that the way u have taken it is really nice ^_^

damncreative said...

i dont wanna say ne thing. i already tripped on this the day u finished it. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn u rosh. F*(&*^&*%^ crazy . AWESOME