Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cold Day

hi guys, give me some comments on this..its a old file of mine, started working on it again..
its not completely my own idea..original concept was from goofy animation..just mixed it up..
i am happy with it so far..have to work on the timing & lower spine tho ^_^
lets me know what u think..
as always ur C&C's plz


Mahesh Bisht said...

Dude idea and concept look pretty nice...something diff..look like he is having swine flue..hahha

hey just one more request kindly let me know how to modify this rig...

if you can just mail me how u did will really helpful man..

Good luck..lov to see some further updates soon..


Prasad said...

Neat stuff ya ! ...really liked your acting choices ...can't wait to see how it looks completed ...good luck !

Deepak said...

its great....animation is very funtabulous keep doing very neat animation..welldone sir.

Dapoon said...

haha nice one bro! i like the subtlety! one thing i'd have done is shown him gulp down the tablet with a LOT of effort (with a nice antic and all that)... cuz he REALLY doesnt wanna do it! other than that, it looks awesome! keep going dude! ;)

Harish k said...

thanks guys,
yo dapoon,nice one..i will look into it..
mahesh this is were i learnt how to modify norman..check it out..if u still have problems let me know..