Wednesday, June 23, 2010


hi guys! a small 2D animation i tried doing! i really wanted to get back to animating in 2D to see how much of it i still got! i had a lot of fun doing this... without giving two hoots about graph editor problems! lol

p.s. do NOT try this at home! :D

animated on: animation-ish


jEEvith said...


As usual.. nice man..:)

Harish k said...

cooooooooool :D

KASANA said...

This is BEAUTIFULL ! Doing this in 2D, itself is daring :)
And top of that came out nice n smooth. Dapoon I forget to ask tht day, how many drawing you have used.
Best thing for me in this is PAY-OFF.... SWEETLY JUSTIFIED.
Thanks for the Insipiration

Dapoon said...

thanks for liking it guys! jus a weird idea that came into my mind! :D

@kasana, it's true bro... animating in 2D is oh man how do i describe it... it's like ZENITH!!! it's an addiction man!! frankly speaking, i dont feel like doing 3D now! lol

and oh yea, there are some 190 drawings here (with some of them repeated!). 190 frames of PURE fun! :)

Unknown said...

Waaaaaaa !!!! Dats a slapstick....!!! Im nt letting ny press my cheeks nymore. lol :D

Deepak Arasu said...

good to see yea back on track dude :)

damncreative said...

love to see 2d bro.. It has life and a YOURNESSS in it.. Beautiful. I enjoyed it completely

Unknown said...

Hahaha!!! Really nice gag dude...loved d feel of d saliva dripping( gross but very nice touch )
Do give a BG to it so d piece luks finished
Just one point dat u may nt have 2 make dat piece of cheek fall like a leaf ( my opinion )
Gr8!!! Way 2 go bro

Dapoon said...

thanks guys! glad u liked it!! :)

@saby, i tried adding a BG, it was messing up the look of it! :/

and as far as the cheek falling like a leaf is concerned, lol it was MORE "leafy" before. i thot this wud work! i see that it's not! :D