Thursday, October 14, 2010

Demo Reel

Finally done with my reel,please do check out and comment when you can!

High Res Version (31 Mb,Vimeo)

DemoReel from Kanishk on Vimeo.

Low Res Version (5 Mb,Youtube)



Dapoon said...

Hey Kanishk! Nice reel man!! I know the effort that you put into this, so I must say it's come out quite good. I even like pace of the reel and the presentation (esp those graphs as the BG of the jump). Quite cool! But frankly speaking, the colours of the robogirl (?) were a little jarring! :D

Of all your pieces, I love the first dialog piece. Good sense of character. The "Mary" piece needs a little more tweaking to make it look finished. Well you very well know that too! :P

But good work overall nonetheless. Good luck with the job hunting!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Hey Kanishk! Nice reel man! I too liked the first dialogue shot. Liked the fluidity in animation. Overall, the reel looks really nice!

All the best on finding a job!

Harish k said...

its a good reel..
Dont worry u will find a job soon :)
All the best :)

damncreative said...

Hey kanishk good reel dude. Like all your shots. Some of acting choices were very nice. Great timing in walk cycles..Great to see your new reel .Good luck

Kanishk said...

Thanks a lot everyone...this wouldn't have been possible without your support and feedback.Thank you everybody! :)