Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Giving life to Mario Miranda's Drawings

Hello people

We Animation And Art School Goa gives Life to the legendary Cartoonist and Illustrator Mario De Miranda's Drawings for the Opening of the Reis Magos Fort in Goa. This film uses only Mario's illustrative interpretation of those times he has lived through using cut out style animation.

P.S : I animated the whole battle sequence , FX animation , Composed the music and did a little bit of direction



Dapoon said...

Hey! Cool stuff man! That was a lovely tribute! RIP Mario Miranda!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Nice work! You could have credited LOTR background score too, though!

damncreative said...

@Chandu actually we have done it. This video was uploaded first :(

Damodar said...

Wow ,that is really cool ,I never thought these pictures will be so lively
good work guys ,Keep it up , congratulations raj

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...