Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hi Guys
I am Just trying to accentuate what Roshan has said in next post. Nothing new I'm doing just picking up exact lines.

Roshan Said.
To participate, doesn't really mean u have to put ur blocking for critics or u must not say comments on some work just because u r a fresher.

Vinay said to me in one mail
And we need to start makin everyone participate. Its wierd in india man. very very few people take it seriously.

Comon guys its too much. Even before participating you all have to fill your Own blog.



Deepak Arasu said...

I think it is definitely a very good point that Roshan had raised. We as animators learn from the valuable comments that we get from the other fellow animators. I think we really require a lot of participation from each and every one of us to benifit out of this forum.

Atleast this has made me realise that i need to participate more.

Thanks to Roshan for putting this up.

The RSS feed would definitely help...

optical_flavor said...

got the msg... for people like me who r not much of a blogger i think will take a lil time to start of full fledge... but i'm sure soon u'll see be as an active participant here :)


Chintan Shah said...

guys remember the scene from ratatouille when linguni slams open the kitchen door, and shouts.... "LETS DO THIS THING !!!!"...................... then wht the heck r u guys waitin for........... "LETS DO THIS THING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

--Chints :D

damncreative said...

WOoooaaaaaah. I missed something huh. I was discussing this issue with kasana and roshan all the time. Finally its up on the headlines. Is it tht serious. hehe. Chill guys. Hop on. And start participating. Trust me. Thats the only way we got as an artist to improve .


Unknown said...

" Re-Echo"!!!

Guys, thanx .. nw i can see more rush !!!!

keep it going..

still, a few guys just peep in and leave without trace ...

C'mon! add to the fun!!!