Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Manu at Anifest

Hey people
I dunno how many of u guys met MANU ITTINA ( My boss and was my mentor) at ANIFEST.
He took a complete lecture on ACTING FOR ANIMATION. Heard it was gr8. Trust me guys he s one guy u ve to meet and discuss stuff on animation. U will learn a lot from his perspective. Ne way, who ever missed his lecture take a look at this. Might help




Prasad said...

This is so great ! ... I really wish i was there ! hope i can join you guys sometime, so that i also get a opportunity to work under him...Thanks for posting it !

Mahesh Bisht said...

ya kool...like to meet maanu some day...hope he is reading this post....!!


Unknown said...


The example of wine glasses on a plate on the top of a pencil tip really speaks up the idea...

m looking forward to get into Takshaa...

Soham Ramteke