Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weight Lift(W I P)

Hi guys,this is my weight lift assignment working currently.Still have not worked on graph editor.

I would like to get comments on it :)




damncreative said...

hey buddy. its shaping up. Main prob i see here is, it looks pose to pose. It aint natural. looks like its programmed or something. Dont keep it pose to pose. Keep it alive. Act it out and shoot ur self and analyze. keep goin:)

Vinodh A R said...

Thank u Vinay.Will work on it n soon come back.. :)


Unknown said...

Well, vinay's right. may be u can make it more natural by taking a step and shifting more wight back and forth as the weight makes him offbalance. and hands looks too IK-ish. atleast make the movements smooth or use FK till he reach the ball and touch it :) overall timing needs to be improved..that's the main reason why it feels not-natural. nice goin..keep working :)

Vinodh A R said...

Thank u sir.Yes the hands are looking tooo sticky and about the weight and timing issue will work on it.