Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hello monsters,

In my research on net in find useful things like progression reels. So I did make a blog were to post the useful and interesting progressions, for my own reference and inspiration. I want to share with you because i have received good e-critiques here. I hope this is helpful and inspiring, and i hope to find more to post.

This is the blog link http://animationprogression.blogspot.com/


PS: I did add the link :).


Chandrashekhar R said...

hey, Andrei, where is the link?

andrei said...

The link is http://animationprogression.blogspot.com/ . Thank you Chandrashekhar R for telling me.

Prasad said...

This is gold man ! :) I had couple of them, horton and shrek ...thanks for others !

andrei said...

You are welcome!

Chandrashekhar R said...

Thanks! Andrei.

dapOOn said...

woah andrei awesome blog there!!! lovely to see the progression reels! inspires me to no end! even the tutorial at the end was gr8! thanks man!! :)

andrei said...

dapOOn and Chandrashekhar you are welcome. I'm glad that you like it. Hope you will join the followers.