Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hi! Guys,

I am posting the blocking pass of an animation piece that I am currently working on. Comments are welcome. Please let me know if I can or should add or minus somethings to make it better.

ninja_blocking from Chandrashekhar R on Vimeo.

Thanks and Cheers!


Dapoon said...

chandu nice stuff man! i love the energy in the run, but that energy doesnt really carry forward when he jumps. what i'm saying is the jumps shud be faster to show the momentum being carried out, which he gained while running.

but well, since it's blocking, i guess that's why it looks like this. waiting to see the higher passes! :)

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Dapoon, do you mean all jumps have to be faster? and should I make him roll after he lands or current ending is fine? I am taking in mind that he is a trained ninja, so made him land that way. I will make the jumps faster. Thanks!

Dapoon said...

see the first jump DEFINITELY needs to be faster (body mechanics and physics wise). the next few jumps cud also be just as fast (if the ninja again pushes off with a new amnt of energy with each jump), or they can slightly slow down (if it's the same momentum he's carrying on with, which he gained while running... just like a bouncing ball).

i personally feel it'll lok better if u make all the jumps faster and then make the last jump on the ground a li'l slower (like a slow-in, and SPLAT! the landing). u just gotta time it well! the last back flip can alsi use a li'l slow-in (but not as much as the last jump) to make it stylish. and ofcourse overlaps are to be added!

whew! quite a physics lecture! newton must be proud of me! :P

Harish k said...

i like it..timming is great, may be a bit looks great