Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Modified Norman rigs for Downloads"

Hi Guys,
romanim Download n SHARE free Modified Norman rigs..
Special thx to Romain Digonnet who as made all this possible ^_^

n u can now download my hunter n catwomen norman rigs to :) :) i hope more ppl start sharing there personal modified norman rigs.

N i hope u guys enjoy animating them as much as i did ^_^
Harish k


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

thanks a lot, Harish!

Dapoon said...

hey wow catwoman looks awesome!

Harish k said...

Hope u guys enjoy the Characters :)
Harish k

damncreative said...

Harish thanx a lot for the rigs dude.. Love it and congrats on your hunter rig

Harish k said...

no probs bro ^_^

yeah hunter is a special rig as u know short film was based on it :) ..hehe..felt kinda of hard to give it away..but hii norman datebase was really amazing beautiful norman rigs r there..

thought would share my 0.001 modified norman to the world..hehehe... ^_^