Friday, June 13, 2008


hi guys! i'm pretty new to this blog! and seeing all the BRILLIANT work done by u guys scares the hell out of me!!! lol, well this is my 1st post. i did a small 3D project with 2 of my friends (prahalad and pratyush) for my cg advanced course in takshaa. i was responsible for the animation (and the character design & storyboard amongst other things!). on this clip i used whatever 2D animation knowledge i had (since we werent taught character animation in takshaa yet). well it's pretty amateurish ... but i hope u guys enjoy it anyway! :D


damncreative said...

I just love this piece. For a entry level its gr8. More than ne thing , i like the story telling. Nice overall timing. Well there are lot of stuff to comment. But for your level its just gr8. Very nice piece. I think this is the 1st short movie which has come out of the entry level students and this stands out cos its SIMPLE:). Gr8 work buddy. M sure u ill enjoy the rest of the journey cos u got a gr8 start.

This is goin on monsters feature video for sure:)


Harish k said...

hi dapoon..nice to see u here..
and amazing stuff...u guys really work as a vinay said: it really stands out because its simple..lot off ppl want to make a kung fu panda movie over night..its always good to keep ur animation simple and even ur concept..well thats what i have learn...
amazing concept...great going..hope to see more off ur works in future ^_^
BUt that time comments will be different..hahheheeh!!
Cheers!! -harish.k

KASANA said...

Hey Dapoon. This is great stuff. Story telling is very clear and effective. Build up is good, pay off is good, its very nice piece.
Even your last project was equally good. Post that also... :)


Prasad said...

loved it !...animation, concept, story...a complete short...great !

Dapoon said...

hey thanks sooo much guys! ur comments were very inspiring! well i'll surely try my best to deliver work of EVEN higher standards from now on!

and kasana... i'm not very sure if i shud post my first video... huaaaa!!

Unknown said...

well it's neat. not much to say 'bout animation since u guys are not yet trained :) still, there's nothing much lacking in here! i love the acting.. and the mime drama feeling of it too. the only thing, story became a lil dragging ..the energy build up could've really been better. :) and repeated actions, u gotta break it when u feel audience is not gonna enjoy this any longer..and yeah, even if u need to repeat, add some kind of flavor to either the movement, or the timing or anything...:)

well, the model and all looks real fun. and i can imagine hw much fun u had while doing it. after all, who cares the result..the best part in any group project is when u sit around a table trowing ideas across. :)

Dapoon said...

hey thanks for the comment roshan! well it's true i had a lotta fun in this project! we were literally working like a studio! lol! and i had just around a WEEK to animate the entire thing!
well i WILL surely try to improve on the points u told me! and HEYYYYYY i do care about the results!! lolz

btw i saw some of ur work too (sketches and animation). simply superb!!