Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hello fellow Monsters!
This is my first post here. I'm also trying to learn this amazing art form like most of you here and I'm at the beginner level.
Here's a walk I've been working on. It still needs a lot of work but I thought I'll post it to get some comments and to know if it is working.
Waiting to hear you comments and critiques!


Prasad said...

animation is cool !...but why the eye is blackened ? there any story going behind that ?...i mean are you going to modify that walk accordingly...limp walk may be ! what !

KASANA said...

Hey Ratul.
Nice work dude Its looking good. Off-set, overlap,follow through all there.
I have few concern which are more logical thn tecnical...but I'm sure these may give more appeal to this walk.
First as we all know walk is controlled falling. On Up pose he is looking well balanced...Why I'll bring my foot forward if I m not about to fall.
Second is Spine pose is little unconvincing...One very first frame spine is C curved ( Profile View)..
I believe spine should be little forward...Kind of reverse C..But very less... I tried this myself by keeping this spine pose....It was little uncomfortable.... :)

Otherwise its looking Good...I guess you can make it Very Good.. :)

Harish k said...

hey ratul..
good one..
i like the expressions on his face..hhee ^_^ looks good...but i feel in the side view the hands r too stiff may be u can loosen it up little bit..i like the attitude in the character.. good one :)

Harish k said...

hey and i wanted to did u get the frame count so big??? if its a script plz send us the link ^_^ it will be really usfull for me..

vedanth rajan said...

I agree with Harish the Arms feel stiff also i feel his fingers are not flowing! would be nice to animate the fingers to give a nice overlap! i dono if any else feels this but i feel the whole body is stiff from the side view! but its looking good!

damncreative said...

hey ratul. nice work.its comin out good. A few suggestions to make it more interesting. Mainly check ur hip area. its kinda jerking. Check ur graph. And hands are stiff. And ur walk looks good on the front view. from side its very dull. No overlaps. And while walking we bend slightly towards the front,tht is missing .check out for the knee pops.
And wat kinda walk are u trying to do. it all depends on tht.Thats it for now. good work. keep it up


Ratul Sarna said...

Hey monsters!!
thanx alot! for the great suggestions and comments. I've tried and worked on all of them.

Prasad, ya I've tried to incorporate a back story.

Harish, thanx! The frame counter is from After Effects. Select the video in the composition and then go to effects->text->timecode.
You'll have to modify some options and you'll get this frame counter.

unsound, I've tried to loosen up the body and arms from the side.

Vinay, Thanx! The body aint bent forward coz I wanted to give him an egoistic attitude. Is he off-balance? And I said I'm working on the side view, loosening it....

Thanx again,,,,