Monday, July 14, 2008


hey folks, i am almost done with my jump....thats it....i have start my weight lift....Done with my blocking....and this time its more of a human..hehe...well check out this jump and C&C' plz ^_^ i will reopen it when i have holidays :)

Cheers :)
Happy animating


Deepak Arasu said...

2 quick comments -

try giving V.lil more hang time, that will give a nice snappy feel.

after he lands and he gets up it looks like he is hitting an invisible wall.

rest all later, keep going coming out good :)

damncreative said...

hey buddy. its come out good. but u still need more polish. track ur arcs, timing can be worked on. work more on overlaps. it ill be gr9 piece for ya reel

Nary said...

really nice.. love the run.. just a couple of things.. rite now camera pan starts too early.. rite now its causing unnecessary distraction.. it can start somewhere near the start of his jump.. and then while he lands u can either stop the pan or may be continue to pan.. but it would make sense to stop the pan after he lands.. secondly u can add a 'take' after he sees the scary thing and then starts running..
thirdly, few jerk clean ups and polishing would make it a beautiful piece..

Harish k said...

hi guys thanks a lot...i will reopen it again in this week :)