Sunday, September 28, 2008

BASSSketi BalL...hehe... (W.I.P)

helllo monsters..i was working on basketi really feels good to animated basket balll...not boring like tennis T.T ..hehe..
ur C&C' plz...
..the ball is still in the blocking...and still working on the timming..

And the slam dunk is a really one..its called the 720 move r dunk u can find it in you tube..hehe..
Cheers -Harish.k


KASANA said...

Neat blocking Man... looking great.
before jump its looks suddenly gravity is gone...I think one strong anticipation will add lot to it.
not convince with the amount of height he taking for the rotations. I think you need to increase the height for this much rounds.

Prasad said...

Looking great ! ...eagerly looking forward for finished animation and when you adjust your timing ...

Dapoon said...

hey buddy u said it! basketball DOES seem cooler and faster than tennisszzzz zzzz zzzz... lol

i loved it man. except when he takes that final slam dunk. it kinda doesnt look natural. i checked out the 720 slam dunk on youtube (whoa that was one COOL SHIT!!). u can see that there he rotates faster than here. also he pushes himself up with much greater force there. i guess u need to work on the timing. kasana's right abt the gravity-suddenly-gone part! work on it brother and it'll look awesome!

one more thing, AFTER he slamdunks it, how abt making him do a bit MORE than just whatever u've made him do? cuz it breaks the flow of the whole shot. it seems after the slam dunk, u just lost interest in him!! dude u're on a holiday man! u've got time on ur side! get ur lazy ass to work!! lol

but seriously man, ur clip has sorta motivated me to take up basketball as my sports assgnmnt next sem!! lol

looking forward to the finished product!
keep inspiring senior!!

Harish k said...

Thanks guys!!
ya i saw that dapoon but right now i have modified the as all the turns the stuff but for the animation point i had changed it a bit.rig was give some issues after all that turn and stuff..hehe..i have already worked on most of the things..will keep u guys updates with it.