Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blog update

Hey monsterz!

I got a few blog updates waiting for ur comments.

FYI no animation in there, only comic and painting stuff.


all kind of c & c welcome..



Dapoon said...

loved them dude!! esp the "face the darkness" pic.... awesome composition and use of light! even the hellboy pics were gr8! and frankly vinay looks much better in that caricature than in real life!!!

(takes cover to hide from vinay's wrath!)

Prasad said...

ya man, each and every piece is awesome ! ...i 'bite' you for that ...he he he ...great !

Harish k said...

WoW......nice one^_^

damncreative said...

Hey rosh, awesome man. cos i ve been seeing ya progress every single day. Its gr8. Got nothing to say more than this. Wat more does an artist need. Just need to keep on goin;)