Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Acting Reference

I try and capture scenes from movies that I find interesting to use for animation reference. I'll try and upload different ones every so often for you guys to check out.

Speaking Without Speaking

This is a great scene I captured from Before the Devil Knows Your Dead. You really feel how uncomfortable Ethan Hawke is and how he's trying to get a word in, but can't. Often we overlook characters who aren't talking in a scene, but this is a great example of excellent acting without having any dialog.

Nervous/Uncomfortable from Kyle on Vimeo.


KASANA said...

Hey Kyle ! Welcome to Monsters.
This is really Cool. Checked on your blog as well. I loved the acting ref.7 you've put up. Can see the anger without any words

Thanks For Sharing.

damncreative said...

hey kyle. This is a awesome reference. Gr8 stuff for learning . thnx for the share. And welcome to animation monsters

Harish k said...


I think its one of the best post u can come across for an animator..
Cheers Thanks for sharing..

oh oh oh and Welcome to monsters kyle :)

Prasad said...

Very useful post ! ...there lot's of such 'gold' on your blog ...keep them sharing !

Dapoon said...

yea man it's awesome! speaking without speaking! damn that's a challenge!! thanks for sharing!