Saturday, April 25, 2009

pixar s Upisodes

Pixar is back again. Check out these "UPISODES" of the movie UP. All i can say is WOOOW


Dapoon said...

daeeeeyum vinay!! this is so freaking tempting! but i dont wanna watch ANY of them... i wanna watch them DIRECTLY on the big screen!! i'm sure they're all GIGANTIC stuff, but it'll spoil the fun (i made the same mistake when i saw an ENTIRE sequence of wall-e on youtube much before its release!).

but damn this is tempting! it's like telling a lion to stay away from red meat!! yum yum! :D

Prasad said...

Man, release the movie soon, can't wait to see it !!!

damncreative said...

haha lol dapoon. Lemme see how long can u hold it up:)