Saturday, January 12, 2008


hello monsters, i came across this article last Monday when i was going through-The Economic Times. i must say Indian animation industry looks very solid.. thought will share it with u all ^_^


KASANA said...

Thanks Harish for sharing this Info.
Its really good for Our Animation Industry.
But there are chances tht there may be lot of adverse effects rather than benefits. I am talking this in long term. As we witnessing a most of the movies are based on mythology. which mean producer targeting kids only. until n unless Filmmaker don't look at this Industry like potential market for all age-group, things seems in danger.
And another thing I am surprised why our industry come under IT industry why not under Film industry. And even after we are in IT industry, we don't enjoy same benefits like BPOs enjoy i.e Tax relaxation.
But its good we all are aware about the Industry happing and hopefully someday we'll be reason behind making our industry growth.


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...


ya, i agree with kasana on the IT and Film Industry point! it is time that Animation Industry be brought under the Film Industry. it is very necessary to have a separate identity for this industry to make proper justice to it.

Harish k said...

True i accept..actually i even thought about that...i think they will understand it in times to come because once they start looking for profit they will target all age-groups..hopefully ppl will accept it slowly ..and i am sure we all have a long way to go,and we r working so hard to get there and learning new things everyday..and i am sure we can make a differents in the industry..hope we have brighter days ahead ^_^

Harish k

vedanth rajan said...

what I would like to add is why mythological stories? I believe I have already seen most of it (good or bad), what we lack is creativity! why cant we do something original and not on some story with (at least) centuries old script. What I would like to see is a mythological character inspired movie. That's the difference I find between our animation and foreign animation! They are inspired from their mythological stories where as we tend to copy it exactly!