Friday, October 17, 2008

animation monster logo storyboard

hey guys i thought up a small li'l story for the animation monster logo. i storyboarded it, so do tell me what u felt about it and suggest changes. plz DO NOT pay attention to the drawings... they suck!! anyway here's what happens (incase my drawings are worse than i thought!!):

1. an empty set
2. monster guy comes in
3. falls down flat
4. dusts himself
5. sees audience, gets embarrassed
6. looks right-left, sees a board onto his left
7. directs the audience's attention to it
8. tries to pull it out casually
9. realises the board is stuck
10. pulls hard
11. pulls even harder
12. falls flat on the ground
13. gets up in a flash angrily
14. ROARSSSSS at the board!!
15. the board panics and gets scared
16. it starts moving
17. ...right to the middle of the screen
18. monster guy relaxes

personally i'm not too happy with the ending. it changes his whole character. that's what quite a few seniors have told me too! so i'm lookin for ideas. do suggest some! thanks!


Prasad said...

he he he cool ! ...looking forward to see him in action ...if i am not wrong there is also one "monstress" (female monster - if you don't get me ) ...i mean there are two of them right ? ...just wanted to make it sure ...between you will be doing it in 2D or 3D ...just curious

Dapoon said...

haha! thanks for likin it man! well, i dunno if there's any "monstress"... so poor monster guy's lonely it seems! and this was just a small story board from my personal side (just for time pass)... it'll take quite sometime to have it turned into a short. i showed it to vinay kasana, they liked it and agreed to work on it. a few changes and hopefully work will begin soon!! ;) (most probably in 3D, although i'm HUGELY tempted to do it in 2D!!)

KASANA said...

Nice idea...very much for animation.
I like the ending ...for me nothing wrong. Only thing I'm not convince with expression chnage in last frame.
its seems as he was doing all this purposely. I'll love to keep him surprised.

Dapoon said...

hey i like that too!! let's keep him dazed at the end! somethin like... "d-uhhhh! whut huppund!!" lolz, that'll establish his character beautifully!! any more suggestions are MORE than welcome!

damncreative said...

Hey dapoon. Actually when we designed the character of mond momelo , we kept him as a dumb monster who tries to show as if he s scary. So what we can probably do is, when he enters the cam, he doesn't realize tht he's in front of the cam, then there a sudden change of his dumb expression to the show off expression. By tht, we can get the character out. Wat say?. I love the idea. Short and funny. too. Ya may be we can come yup with a diff ending, which can be totally unique. Love it bro. We ill discuss on this.


Dapoon said...

hmm so he comes in as a dumb guy and as soon as he sees the camera, he shows off his attitude (instead of being embarrassed).
but what i actually had in mind was this: he falls down, he dusts himself (unaware of the camera) and when he looks at the camera, he's embarrassed BECAUSE people saw him fall that way. please note: he's not aware about the ANIMATION MONSTERS board lying next to him. in his embarrassment, he looks right and left and then by ACCIDENT he sees the board. THAT'S when he feels relieved cuz he can divert the audience's mind towards sumtin else. and so the story goes on...

but then yea dude ur idea sounds pretty funny too! lot of gear changes and all... it'll be fun!! abt the ending i'm pretty convinced with kasana, but if we come up wid sumtin even funnier, we'll definitely give that a go!
tell ya what... lets have a face-to-face discussion on all these points! say what! i think this short will be great! :D cheers!!

p.s. mond momelo.. so that's his name! neat!