Saturday, October 18, 2008


First of all, I'm thankful to my room-mate who got me the ticket for the preview of Madagascar-Escape 2 Africa. I was fortunate to be among some crazy lads from Dreamworks.I know you are least interested in this stuff. so here is, What I feel about the Movie.

I'll say 'Average' but worth watching once. Mr. I.S mathur ( NID professor ) once told us in our Film Language session that more and more sugar makes Poison.This movie is very good example of his statement.
So many things are happening there. Alex story is going on at one place, Melvin & Goria cooking something else, Martin at another place, Penguin are busy in their own world, New yorkers in their own, one villain ( New Character ) in his own and around 5-6 new character are also popping in to GET FAMOUS.
I will say Madagascar was far better as they had one concentrated story about someone or about a Group. But in Madagascar-2 I'm still trying to figure out that, this story is about whom.
I want to talk about many things but then you guys will curse me for disclosing it.

But there are so many thing which I won't forget to appreciate. Movie is full with Gags. Animation is Super Cool. So precisely I will say worth watching Once.

And yes there are few guys who liked the movie to the core. So its Individual thing and this is what I feel about it. I would love to listen from someone who disagree with me. So that I might see another perception.


Dapoon said...

u show off u!! as if we not being able to go to watch it wasnt bad enough, u after happily watching a SPECIAL screening of the movie done a MONTH BEFORE its worldwide release, had to go ahead and POST a review!!! damn you!!!! putting salt over injury!

lol, well after reading ur review, i DIDNT quite feel surprised. i WAS kinda expecting a not-so-impressive story and direction anyway. i hated madagascar 1. it was all forced humour and all that. but if u say madagascar 1 was BETTER compared to this, then i can guess the sequel's standard!!! lol
however since many people liked it (some saying it was MILES MILES better than the 1st part), i'd still like to watch it (but like u said) ONCE. and until then i wont assume anything!!
so lets gear up for the looooo(zzz zzz)oooong wait now!!

damncreative said...

Haha. Dapooon, u ve to curse me 2. Even i watched the screening. Wow. It was a gr8 experience. More than the movie the experience of being in the screening is wonderful. Its unlike the regular movie show. Before the movie starts the head of dreamworks pulled of all the big names who worked on this movie and the best part is all of em were right ther. Damnnnn. They could see us laughing our asses out . Wat else can a artist get more than this. They able to see people reactions at tht instant. So that they can go home with lot of smiles. And about the movie, well, WATCH. hehe


PHILIP said...

Yup.I second that!! the only thing i enjoyed in the movie was "King Julian" that prick is hilarious.Other than that i'm gonna say BEEP!!
I remember those faces afraid to express themselves cuz it'd mean a whole lot of other things.I'd say everything is top notch except for the story cus there's no story at all.Atleast it dint capture us.Not even close 2 their previous movie starring a black and white bear like creature trying to learn some martial art which I've never heard of. AHEM!!
BTW we didn't pay neither for the movie nor the pop corn.Shameless creatures!!!