Sunday, October 5, 2008

Long breaK

Hey people,

                     Was on a long break and olllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa!. So many posts. awesome. Ne way check this link . A tutorial on qudraped walkcycle. Check it out



Prasad said...

Thanks a lot for this ...was searching for something proper like this ...great !

Deepak Arasu said...

Hey Vinay, Thanks for this dude. Could you please tell me how do i make those scripts work in Maya?

Ways i tried

1. Tried calling the script through the script editor after pasting the script in source location folder.

2. Opened the script in notepad and then copy/pasted it on the script editor

didn't work!

Dapoon said...
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Dapoon said...

dude i owe you my LIFE for this!! i've always wanted a tutorial for animating an animal!! this is AWESOME!