Thursday, October 9, 2008


hi guys i took it back to blocking & made some changes. after roshan gave some tips ur C&C's PLz
Cheers - Harish.k


damncreative said...

hey bro. ooooolaaaaaaa. Isnt it fun animating basketball. I just loved when i was in school. Hey i love all the dribbles and moves. One major prob is weights. Just look at the leg and the hip area. feels like he s just sliding or ther s less gravity. U need to get the weights working, when u have tht u can freak out with timing. And in basketball, its all about timing, ther s lots of ease in and outs. And more than ne thing how believable and visually appealing can it be at the end.? hehe. Ur goin good. keep goin;)

Harish k said...

yoo bro...true basketball is more fun then tennis..i am going crazy animating it..yup i will work on the weight shift..
will work on it and keep u update..thankzz for the comment brother.. Cheers -Harish.k