Friday, November 7, 2008



Dapoon said...

hey sabhya that was awesome!! very funny and quite a fine way of storytelling!! a bit of something that i thot MIGHT make it look better...

first off, i think he took quite a long break to bow after he ZIPPED into the camera. and i think u shud work a bit on the settling after the zip in. i know u told me abt it... just saying anyways!! lol

secondly, after he sneezes and the painting flies off, i think u shud make him RUN towards the painting, rather than simply putting a leg forward and zipping towards it. cuz the PANIC doesnt show in that action.

some parts were awesome! i really liked the way he bowed in the beginning, the way he drank the coffee (or tea, beer, rum whatever!) while painting, and the way he rubbed his nose after the sneeze. nice poses too!!

great job bro! it IS indeed "D making of THE MASTERPIECE"!! lol! keep it up! oye balle balle!! chak de phatte!

damncreative said...

hey sabya, i like the idea. Nice. Good acting and story telling too. But the way the story is told in the end can be pumped up.instead of he finishing the painting and kicking it , He can finish the painting with full enthusiasm and he looks at it and he feels so happy. Then takes a step back and looks at it. It looks shit!Ther s a sudden change is his expression ,and then he gets pissed and kicks it. This would make it a funny piece and will ve a good room for acting