Friday, September 11, 2009

cadbury wowie storyboard

hey guys remember the wowie ad u had seen on TV a few months back? well the storyboard is, as most of u know, done by sumeet surve (a good friend of mine)... and he's FINALLY posted it on his blog!! he's also the character designer of the ad film.

check out the boards!! great stuff! this guy inspires me like hell!

and here's the ad film once again!


Prasad said...

Thanks for sharing's interesting to see ...and you are right of him being a inspiration ! ...he is one cool artist ! :)

damncreative said...

Sumeet is one talented bugger. I really wish i could work with him again. Its so much fun to work with him on concepts . It was one heck of a journey when he was at ittina and especially while making wowie. Design wise,He set standards to indian animated ads . Awesome sumeet. Keep rocking