Friday, September 4, 2009



Deepak Arasu said...

acting seems a lil basic, what stage are you in? would be worth showing in step mode. I really appriciate you trying shot dialogs

KASANA said...

Nice attempt Harjeet.But no doubt can be improved.
There is many things to work on in both animation.
I would suggest you to take only one small piece and devote lot of time on paper and off the screen.
Just paper and pencil, acting choice, thumbnails, Key poses n breakdown, timing. Just take 2-3 days for the same.
Just give a shot. :)
Hope I'm talking something relevant.

Prasad said...

It's been said :)

damncreative said...

hey harjeet , i would like to know what stage of animation are you in, it seems very basic and i wouldn even call this as a blocking stage. Would appreciate if u can mention the stage you are working on

Unknown said...

and, work on overlapin of body parts right from the blocking stage.. adds a lot to a close up shot like this.