Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Draculla ke Mohabat - Dialog 2 Blocking

Hi Partners,

Jai Hindustan!
I have started my 2nd dialog, and I have blocked this up roughly.
Please let me know your C&C's.


Prasad said...

Man this is looking sweet ! ...i really liked how he takes his hand first with love as if he is maybe going to propose (read the word 'mohabat') and then starts eating it ! ...and this is great that you trying it on hindi ...after 29 of this October hope such kind of animation will gain importance here in India :) ...eagerly waiting to see the progress ...lot's of luck !

damncreative said...

hey bro. love the idea. just MASALA.. hahah. love it. animation wise, i feel u ve just forced the poses according to the accents. thers no CHARACTER budyy:). Think about the char of that dracula. He s really cunning guy. So all this gestures will be a fake and it should look fake. I kinda liked the reaction of the other character .But think of the state of mind he is in and wat kinda guy is he. Hope u gettin me bro. Ne way, keep on goin;)