Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Joshua Slice demo reel

Joshua Slice Demo Reel 2009 from joshua slice on Vimeo.

Hey folks found this link on spungella. This is a great showreel. Take a look fellas



Harish k said...

WOW man...AWESOME...it had a beautiful flow till the end..
loved it

Dapoon said...

damn where do these people come from!! and what do they eat?? AMAZING find vinay!! inspiring to say the least!

vedanth rajan said...

that was Totally inspiring!!!!!!

Thx for the post!!!!

Prasad said...

Great reel no doubt about that !

...but i donno if is it just me, but i felt that body-movements in first dialog where lil-bit stiff or was that done purposely ??

p.s Harish
see it's easy to point out mistakes :D