Monday, October 5, 2009

The Music

hi guys...need comments...i think this will be the final work for this new reel....
i have to look for a job..bwhahe!! may be i want to go back to my home town Chennai n find a job n stay there for some time...hehe :P

n dapoon all the best case if the monsters didnt know...dapoon moved to Delhi he working there, n he left us all alone..ass**** T.T ...hehhee!! had good times in ittina & takshaa..haha..

ok about my work, i didnt like my 11sec club didn't turn out as i expected it..over all messed it up..hehe :P

this is blocking of my new file..planning to open it up i need comments plzz
ur C&C's



Dapoon said...

hey harish, u're like a bullet train man!! one animation after another! u're on a roll, brother!! keep rolling! lol :D

i loved this piece. i think karan has already given u some awesome tips on pratibimb. so try working on those lines!

i personally loved it! esp when he turns away from the camera and SUDDENLY turns back!

wud love to see it opened!

Deepak Arasu said...

its beautiful buddy, I like it :) let see how you take it on to the next pass :) will wait :) I am jealous that you are able to do animation, damn my time :D

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

what is pratibimb?

Harish k said...

hi deepak & dapoon, thx for the comment...yeah i have opened it up..n fixed few thing..i will post the update soon..

chandu pratibimb is a blog formed by the leads of ittina..hehe