Friday, October 16, 2009

Low dog

hi guys..was working on this today morning..used pluto as my main ref,it was fun animating low dog.. i just wish it had few basic facial expressions that was a draw back..well give in ur reviews CnC's plz

sorry i posted my block file today morning...well renewed it just now,with my 2nd pass..



Dapoon said...

yo man!! another one already?? damn u're fast! :D

it's cute bro, real cute! just that i felt the 1st part (till the dog jumps) and the 2nd part (where the dog walks) werent really matching... pace-wise. i mean the 1st part is really fast and the 2nd is a li'l slow! just pace it out well.

rest u know what to do! keep rolling! ^_^

Prasad said...

Nice Nice ...loved it ! Yep, can see pluto-walk there !

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

hey hey! lovely! nice one harish!

Mahesh Bisht said...

true man u r tooo fast r u taking some energy drink these days...:)

hey very good stuff....


Unknown said...

some impact when the dog catches the ball.'s a lil dog. 2nd the ball has got some kinetic energy. so adding some impact on the catch would sell weight very nicely :) now the ball seems very very light that what u intended ?:D i think lil dog knocked a lil backward with the sudden catch will be a bit more funny. the energy of the ball can't just vanish and the ball can't stop without even a lil overlap on the head :D ..think about a way to do it that the proud walk you did at the end can be an effort to show it was an easy catch :D hope u got my point. just a suggestion :)

Harish k said...

Hi guys thx for the comments :)

dapoon u were right..its not matching...may be because i did the jogging of the dog first n then animated rest of the things...bwhahhehehe!! reason was i didnt really know if i could animated it i tried that first :) i will fix it thx bro

prasad thx..i wanted to upload the ref file...but the problem was i didnt know which format it was in..n i was not able to convert it..hehe

Chandu & mahesh i am glad u like it ^_^ n thx for the comments

roshan u upgraded UR blog..?? looks cool man..hehe..IT TOOK ME 15 MINs TO FIND OUT that Concept Devil is actually U...bwhahehe!!
hi n thx i didnt want the ball to be light..i will push the the dog a little backwards after the impact..n will fix it up...thx for the comment ^_^