Monday, June 8, 2009

Making of taare zameen par title animation

Here s the awesome making of taare zameen par by our legendary animator Dhimant vyas. This guys is one of my inspiration . Love the way he gets the originality in his films. Take a look at this fellas. This is what we are supposed to do, have to do original content.

Ne way here s the making

here s the video

Dhimant vyas -



Prasad said...

Hats off to this creation ! ...simply great ...thanks a lot for sharing it Vinay !

Dapoon said...

i had this great opportunity to meet this remarkable man!! and that too, accidentally!! i was in mumbai with a friend when my friend SUDDENLY spotted him on the street! i didnt know who he was back then. he seemed like a very simple ordinary man and was waiting to catch an autorickshaw to go home. after a small chat with us, he left, and my friend told me he was dhimant vyas!

4 months later, when i watched the title animation of TZP, i was like.... THIS WAS THE MAN I MET THE OTHER DAY??? holy ****!! i was totally ZAPPED!

true vinay, this guy is sensational! i simply adore his work, esp the TZP title animation! it's got a nice indian touch to it! and the best part is, he's really humble and down to earth!


Dhimant Vyas said...

Thanks for sharing it to your blog and the comments!
Dhimant Vyas

Dapoon said...

wow! it's great to have you on this blog dhimant sir! you really inspire us!! really looking forward to seeing your new creations! :)