Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Student Reel 2008

Hey monsters,

Happy Dewali :)

Just in case if you haven't seen it.
Do check my reel. Any c&c's are welcome :)

Friday, October 24, 2008


hi guys..i have worked on it...well this is kinda of the warm up lesson before we start dialogues..check it out and ur C&C's PlZzzzz..hehe cheers Harish.k ^_^


2D IS BACKKKKKK!!! guys i went NUTS and BOLTS when i saw this trailer!! cant believe 2D is back! the trailer is SUPERB! and the characters: AWESOME as always! welcome back disney!! we've missed ur 2D films!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ROADSIDE ROMEO the making!!

hey guys just came across this AWESOME article on the making of Roadside Romeo including an interview with the director: Jugal Hansraj! check it out, it's inspiring!

really awaiting this movie!! and to think: just 2 days more!! lol :D

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The road to animation supervisor

Hey people,
I found an interesting article on cgtalk. This is a article about the animation supervisor in a live action environment. check it out


traditional sneak+walk cycle

m working on a traditional sneak,the hands are giving me a bit of a problem tho :) as usual...!
comments n critique are welcome!


I've also been workin on this walk cycle for some time now... its not yet completed,i still havto clean up some parts of the graph... but hav a look:


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Saturday, October 18, 2008


First of all, I'm thankful to my room-mate who got me the ticket for the preview of Madagascar-Escape 2 Africa. I was fortunate to be among some crazy lads from Dreamworks.I know you are least interested in this stuff. so here is, What I feel about the Movie.

I'll say 'Average' but worth watching once. Mr. I.S mathur ( NID professor ) once told us in our Film Language session that more and more sugar makes Poison.This movie is very good example of his statement.
So many things are happening there. Alex story is going on at one place, Melvin & Goria cooking something else, Martin at another place, Penguin are busy in their own world, New yorkers in their own, one villain ( New Character ) in his own and around 5-6 new character are also popping in to GET FAMOUS.
I will say Madagascar was far better as they had one concentrated story about someone or about a Group. But in Madagascar-2 I'm still trying to figure out that, this story is about whom.
I want to talk about many things but then you guys will curse me for disclosing it.

But there are so many thing which I won't forget to appreciate. Movie is full with Gags. Animation is Super Cool. So precisely I will say worth watching Once.

And yes there are few guys who liked the movie to the core. So its Individual thing and this is what I feel about it. I would love to listen from someone who disagree with me. So that I might see another perception.


hi guysss...well its the start of sem 3...really speaking i cant believe i am into sem just 3more months...ahhh its been a lOOooonG wait
they have removed pantamine and added ball man dilog again for this sem..check it out and ur C&C's improve it ^_^
Cheers - Harish.k

Friday, October 17, 2008

animation monster logo storyboard

hey guys i thought up a small li'l story for the animation monster logo. i storyboarded it, so do tell me what u felt about it and suggest changes. plz DO NOT pay attention to the drawings... they suck!! anyway here's what happens (incase my drawings are worse than i thought!!):

1. an empty set
2. monster guy comes in
3. falls down flat
4. dusts himself
5. sees audience, gets embarrassed
6. looks right-left, sees a board onto his left
7. directs the audience's attention to it
8. tries to pull it out casually
9. realises the board is stuck
10. pulls hard
11. pulls even harder
12. falls flat on the ground
13. gets up in a flash angrily
14. ROARSSSSS at the board!!
15. the board panics and gets scared
16. it starts moving
17. ...right to the middle of the screen
18. monster guy relaxes

personally i'm not too happy with the ending. it changes his whole character. that's what quite a few seniors have told me too! so i'm lookin for ideas. do suggest some! thanks!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vande Matram

Hey Maansters,

Had a concept in mind 4 d competition happened in Abai fest. bout liftin a flag n saluting it........had sum spare time in hand so tried so thought of sharing it vid u guys.....tried makin it a li'l patriotic ,lets see what can u figure out of my blockin....(he he)especially d endin.........
Chao ;-p

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Creativity Doesnt have a limit isnt it? part 3

this is what happens when u work on ur animation for a bit too long!! lolz, this is some AWESOME shit!! u guys must have seen most of them, but i thought i'd post them anyway! enjoy!!

animation vs animator 1

animation vs animator 2



guys i'm going crrrrrrazzzzy!! this is THE best depiction of ramayana i have EVER witnessed in my life! THIS is the way to tell our epics! check out the link below

here are some pics...

lord rama

and ravana (SUPERRRRRB!)

AWESOME job virgin comics!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tip #18: Rise Above The Snobbery

hEyy mOnstErs..I just came across this article by Shawn Kelly..I feel this relates to us artiste very I thought I`ll share it with u guys.

hope u`ll get some gyAan from this...happy aNimAtiNg..;).


ROCK ON TO - rOaDsidE romEO nEw sOng

CheCk thIS oUt........wOww

Thursday, October 9, 2008


hi guys i took it back to blocking & made some changes. after roshan gave some tips ur C&C's PLz
Cheers - Harish.k

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Draculla ke Mohabat - Dialog 2 Blocking

Hi Partners,

Jai Hindustan!
I have started my 2nd dialog, and I have blocked this up roughly.
Please let me know your C&C's.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


No doubt audience watch any film, play or short by his own will. But while watching any artwork or movie, its not their choice what they look at, and what should be ignore. its an onus on Film maker to direct audience eyes...instead of letting them wander in whole screen...or even out of screen if you lucky to have one hot chick next to you... :)

And as we all know Animator are its becomes more important to us use Visual Elements intelligently.
Here is few element I want to share with you guys.

I'm sure most of will be knowing of this.One of the basic element, Figure of lesser importance in frame goes out of focus from eye.

Our eyes attract more towards the figure, which is comfortable for eyes....Its natural thing.

Do I need to say Anything ?


Any distraction ? do I need to say anything here?

When you don't want to say anything then why the hell you are here Kasana.... >:

Ok..Ok No offence here is another.. :)

See this particular shot in Ratatouille, In whole frame, share of Remy & his brother is almost nil. But still we don't distract from them... no doubt lighting also have his piece of cake.
Cause in whole composition, everything is static except Remy & Co. and our eyes attracts more towards moving objects. Again natural thing...not my fault.

But if the movements are general part of movements & flow then moving object do not distract our eyes but dramatically add to the static objects.So you need to be wise.So have milk & be smart.. :)


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Long breaK

Hey people,

                     Was on a long break and olllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa!. So many posts. awesome. Ne way check this link . A tutorial on qudraped walkcycle. Check it out