Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vande Matram

Hey Maansters,

Had a concept in mind 4 d competition happened in Abai fest. bout liftin a flag n saluting it........had sum spare time in hand so tried so thought of sharing it vid u guys.....tried makin it a li'l patriotic ,lets see what can u figure out of my blockin....(he he)especially d endin.........
Chao ;-p


Dapoon said...

hey bro this is so cool!!FINALLY a patriotic animation!! well if i'm not wrong, i guess this is what happened: this soldier was carrying the flag, tripped on "something", crawled to a place, put the flag, saw that "something" he tripped on...which turned out to be a dead soldier, mourns the dead guy and salutes the flag.

if this is the case, then i wud say the suddenly tripping in the beginning wasnt very clear. i had to watch it twice to make that out. i dunno, maybe it'll look clearer once u spline it out, cuz rite now it seemed like he was (dont laugh!) DUCKing for cover! also i didnt understand why he was shocked when he looked at the dead soldier, cuz i guess he already KNEW what he had tripped on. i loved the crawling part, it's come out really well. brings out the soldier in him! however using the flag post to get up was good but u didnt work much on the legs. he shud use his legs also to push himself up.

but all in all, it was a gr8 effort! waiting for the next pass! keep it up! JAI HIND!!

Unknown said...

Hey Dapoon,

Thanx 4 ur comment bt u figured out d endin completely wrong......actually in d beginning d guy dos'ent trips instead he falls as he's hurt.....n d end is dat (he he he) d guy who satutes actually is d ghost of d same person lying on d ground. Dat means when he falls in the beginning, he d patriotic feelin in him is shown by his ghost who later realises dat he's his ghost staning and saluting...

Dapoon said...

oooooooooooooooooookay!! gee the idea sounds interesting!! but then u WILL have to do some more work to make all that CRYSTAL clear! i have already told you what i guessed when i saw it for the first time. so the story's not at all clear. maybe that's because it's still in the rough blocking stage. but there are certain areas i feel u HAVE to work on to make it clearer.
the starting part.. he looks as if he ducked for cover... or tripped on something. he didnt look like he was hurt. give him time to establish that he's hurt. dont make him fall immediately in the beginning. make him limp into the screen or sumtin, hold him there for sometime, and then make him fall down. also work on the facials when he's hurt and limping.

and to establish that he's a ghost of that very soldier (cuz rite now it looked like 2 different ones, maybe cuz we're used to seeing same rigs being used twice thrice in the same frame to show 2-3 DIFFERENT characters!), maybe u cud have something identical with both of them. i mean, maybe they're both wearing something similar, like a wrist band or sumtin. i dunno try it out! and one more thing, when he realises he's DEAD, give him some time to establish that. maybe he looks at himself (i mean the ghost self, NOT the dead soldier!) touches his own arms to see if he's really a ghost. then a quick gear change when he looks at the flag(to show he takes in the truth) and a salute!

so i wud suggest u to try these options! just my thoughts buddy so i dunno if they'll really work!! lol, BRILLIANT concept nonetheless!!

KASANA said...

Hey Sabhya ! Lovely idea.
I'm agree with Dapoon about clarity in story.
What we perceiving and what you saying is like North-South pole.
There is no point in describing story through words.

It may be too blunt to say but story is not clear at all. And thts wht I feel. Guys,tell me if we are the only two.

Prasad said...

ya, me too agree with them ...that ghost thing, it's just not clear ...and then just tripping will not kill somebody may show him hitting by a bullet maybe ...just my opinion though ...concept however sound good may just need some modification luck !