Sunday, October 19, 2008

traditional sneak+walk cycle

m working on a traditional sneak,the hands are giving me a bit of a problem tho :) as usual...!
comments n critique are welcome!


I've also been workin on this walk cycle for some time now... its not yet completed,i still havto clean up some parts of the graph... but hav a look:


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Dapoon said...

well if it isnt good ol' appie!! long time no posts! lol

hey why dont u use the hogan rig for these exercises? it's WAY better!

well, coming to ur work, to me, the sneak looked quite decent alright! actually i'm not the right person to critic it (havent done or observed sneaks that much). so i'll give it up to the seniors!

as far as ur walk is concerned, u got ur poses kinda messed up! first things first, when u walk normally, u never bend forward. there's no need for that! ur feet need to be much closer to each other. and they point outside (not straight). the timing is also off. it's too slow for a normal walk. it shud take u 17 frames to do a complete walk cycle. ur hands are coming W-A-Y too in. that means ur shoulders are swinging a bit of that extra length. make it all subtle.
also take care of the fact that when u put any foot forward (like in the contact pose), the hip swings forward towards it, but the shoulders swing in the opposite direction to maintain balance. as u go on to the passing pose, the hips and the shoulders become almost straight, but yea the hip tilts up towards the leg that's lifted up (i.e. if the left leg is going up, the hip will be tilted up towards the left). also take care of weight shifts when u're changing from one contact pose to the other.
last but not the least, the delay actions! delay not just ur hand, but ur fingers as well. it doesnt happen in real life, but a li'l exaggeration never KILLED anyone rite?! lol! also the delay of the head. in ur case, it doesnt look like the head's being dragged by the body, it's as if it's moving WITH the body. so delay it and make it very subtle.
walk is nothing but a controlled fall... it's also sumtin we do quite subconsciously. so the more subtle it looks, the better! i suggest u check this walk out... it's superb!

i too am woking on a walk cycle rite now... and it's THE most boring thing to animate!! lol but it's also very important for us to know the walk cycle PERFECTLY! so good luck and keep animating!