Saturday, January 21, 2012

2D splash animation demonstration

This is an entertaining and pretty informative little tutorial made by Adam Phillips, of showing you how to animate a splash in 2D.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Animation masterclass- Animating Animals

MasterClass - Animating Animals: Tips and Tricks to Animating Believable Animal Characters in a Live Action Feature by William G from CGMeetUp Team on Vimeo.

Hello folks

Here is a cool master class on ANIMATING ANIMALS by WILLIAM G of Tippet studios. Enjoy the video


Monday, January 16, 2012

Workshop at goa

Join us on the 18th as we demonstrate the making of Sharukh Khan - Demo by Ruturaj Arolkar

Review of my shot by the awesome Pixar animator Mark Harris

Hey guys, I had animated a shot for the AnimRigs contest some 6 months back and had recently asked AnimSchool to do a review on it. Now here's the review by the superawesome Pixar animator Mark Harris!! BIG thanks to AnimSchool and of course Mark Harris for doing this. The review is amazing and it really opened my eyes to a lot of mistakes that I've been making obliviously. Check it out!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Animation workshop at GOA

Seminar and Live Demo - 18th January @ Animation and Art School Goa.
(2 Sessions) 10 to 2 P.M and repeat from 3 to 7 P.M

Watch Two Artists develop a Character Design head to head from the same reference model. Each designing from the same elements but for different Genres and Style. One designing for Live Action/ Games and the other for a Stylized Animation movie look with the same subject.

... ... Aditya Chari - Film and Game Design Character Dev.
Dattaraj Kamat - Stylized Character design for Animation.

Artists will handle questions from the audience during this demo to help them better understand the development process.

This will be followed by the Behind the scenes and shot break down study of a Photo real Human Bust and an Elaborate VFx shot breakdown. Take a look at the work files up close and understand the intricacies involved. Take this opportunity to ask the People who have made a name in the industry.

Ruturaj Arolkar - Photoreal Human CGI Demo
Chetan VijayKumar - VFx Demo - ( F/X, Matte Painting, Light Rig Development, Shot Break downs)

If you've liked our work, now you have a chance to see it and gain more knowledge.

We would like to know if you are coming so we can plan ahead.
Shoot an email to and let us know.

2 sessions to choose from don't miss this opportunity.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Devils Angels and Dating - short film


It gives me immense pleasure to kick start this New Year on this blog with this wonderful film I was a part of. It's my first ever experience to work in a production on a global scale (online). Although I worked on only ONE shot, I did learn an enormous lot, thanks to the awesomely talented (and patient) director Michael Cawood! (Here's the entire thread on the WIPs along with Mike's notes if you'd like to read.)

BTW this entire film was made based purely on sheer volunteer work. That's right, no budget!! It's amazing what a team can achieve given the right direction.

Another reason why this film is special to me is because it came to me as a boon during my bed rest period. Due to my accident, I lost my job and I was looking for that one opportunity to prove my mettle. Things looked bleak because I physically couldn't go to work anywhere. And nothing really challenging came my way via freelance!

That's when I stumbled upon this project and since then, there's been no looking back! My friend Sathya deserves a special mention here for introducing me to it. :)

So I really thank Mike for taking me in and giving me this golden opportunity to be a part of a global team.

Looking forward to being a part of more of such great adventures.

P.S. The film is translated to different languages on YouTube. Just click on the 'CC' button.

Diablo 3 cinematic

Hey folks

Wish you all monsters a happy new year. just stumbled across this new diablo 3 cinematic. Absolutely love the style. Check it out