Friday, January 13, 2012

Animation workshop at GOA

Seminar and Live Demo - 18th January @ Animation and Art School Goa.
(2 Sessions) 10 to 2 P.M and repeat from 3 to 7 P.M

Watch Two Artists develop a Character Design head to head from the same reference model. Each designing from the same elements but for different Genres and Style. One designing for Live Action/ Games and the other for a Stylized Animation movie look with the same subject.

... ... Aditya Chari - Film and Game Design Character Dev.
Dattaraj Kamat - Stylized Character design for Animation.

Artists will handle questions from the audience during this demo to help them better understand the development process.

This will be followed by the Behind the scenes and shot break down study of a Photo real Human Bust and an Elaborate VFx shot breakdown. Take a look at the work files up close and understand the intricacies involved. Take this opportunity to ask the People who have made a name in the industry.

Ruturaj Arolkar - Photoreal Human CGI Demo
Chetan VijayKumar - VFx Demo - ( F/X, Matte Painting, Light Rig Development, Shot Break downs)

If you've liked our work, now you have a chance to see it and gain more knowledge.

We would like to know if you are coming so we can plan ahead.
Shoot an email to and let us know.

2 sessions to choose from don't miss this opportunity.


Dapoon said...

Awesome stuff bro!! Wish you all the best! :)