Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hey people,
After a long time m posting my latest work in here.. Its my first assignment in final sem... Man, Norman really is a kick A$$ rig to work on.. I really enjoyed workin on this assignment(not initially thou), lol..!! In this I used a script, infact very usefull script for animators, about which, was posted in here earlier by prasad..Its ZV parent master n its simply awesome...

Now, comin to my work, m kinda done wid the blocking after messing it up so many times, n having few personnel probs as well.. Here, v were given 3 concepts, outta which v had to select one n show the gearchange in it, I think which i ve done here. N i ve tried to anim MJ's moon walk as well...:D... Dunno howz it come out.!.. u gyz gotto tell me.

So i'l be waiting for ur C&s gyz...

Thank u all,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dead Bird

Hi guys well check it out...let me know what u feel..
i want a little short on my reel...could nt find my dialogues file from ittina...someone deleted it by mistake i guess..everthing else is there expect that file i worked on...bwhahehe!!
life sucks sometime..hehe
well i am still not sure to put my old Dialogue file r not...but i have worked on this new one...i am feeling a little low on energy tho :P
let me know what u feel monsters

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I reworked on the deer gallop i had done before for my reel.. :) give in ur reviews guys would love to here some comments :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Travis UI v1

HI guys
was just giving it a test run, for fun...god this rig is super cool loved it actually..
U can do some crazy BMX bike stunts..
Check it out Guys



Joshua Slice demo reel

Joshua Slice Demo Reel 2009 from joshua slice on Vimeo.

Hey folks found this link on spungella. This is a great showreel. Take a look fellas


Le Phare

hey folks here is one more awesome short movie from gobelins. I loved it, take a look



Hello monsters..
nice to see u all again :)
thx for Commenting,on my works for the last few weeks guys.."I feel giving comments ,is more harder then actually doing the animation"...bwhahehe!! i really appreciate it..

allright guys..i think i am done working for my reel..for the next 2week i have planed to clean up most of my works, n finish up my Reel :P

Actually to be honest i still have few ideas,which i want to animate..hehe :) some Crazy Body Mechanics stuff,which i like the most..Since i quit ittina almost a month back..lot of personal problems, hehe..u see i cant be sitting at home for a long time..BWhahehehe!!
I need to get inside a studio FAST ...But will surly work on it soon

Cheers Monsters

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I know its been a DIFFICULT year for most of us....
But i think u should just forget all for today n enjoy the festive season..
Now get out there n enjoy...

Bug Sting

hi guys...well just came up with a Very simple concept..actually i had something else in my mind when i animated it..ended up with this..thats what happeneds when u dont plan..bwhahehe!!..take a look Monsters..tell me what u feel :)
n one more thing..
this rig is just awesome..u got to try it out

Friday, October 16, 2009

Low dog

hi guys..was working on this today morning..used pluto as my main ref,it was fun animating low dog.. i just wish it had few basic facial expressions that was a draw back..well give in ur reviews CnC's plz

sorry i posted my block file today morning...well renewed it just now,with my 2nd pass..


Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Music

Hi guys...need comments on this one...plz help me out here..tell me what u feel about this...
any suggestion CnC's LET ME KNOW :)


Saturday, October 10, 2009

fabric painting

Toy Story 3 Trailer

Hey! Guys,

Head on to Spungella for the new trailer of Toy Story 3. Everything looks so very same but at the same time, much awesome too.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Prashanth Bhagavan Vfx showreel

Reel 09 from Prashanth on Vimeo.

hey people,
This might not be related to animation but this is the vfx reel of my very good friend prastath bhagavan currently working at VHQ Singapore. Take a look


Short film my Bobby pontillas

Better Off Undead ! from Bobby Pontillas on Vimeo.

hey people

Fantastic simple short film by bobby pontillas. I guess its still work in progress, but its worth watching


Few good links

hey people ,
Found few good links which will help us to learn and grow . Check them out( Oh ya! its all for free . lol)

keith Lango started his own youtube channel. Check it out and please dont download his tutorials from torrents or any kind of file sharing site. His tutorials has been out in the piracy market . This is real bad. His tutorials costs less than all of your extra expences . please do buy it from his site and make him recover his loss due to the piracy.

Keith lango youtube link :

Article by keith lango :

Posing tips ( Link from Jean denis post) :

Cloudy Dock eyeball sequence


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Evil Inside!!!

Hey Monsters,
Dis is my 11 sec dialogue which couldn't reach d competition due to sum goof up at their end or a mistake 4m my side, i really donno. Instead my blocking file got published, anyways here is d shot.....
Still have a few things in my mind to fix b4 putting it in my reel
C&C plz....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cold War

hi guys..
i cleaned up cold war...u would have seen my blocking n thx for the comments on my blocking,i work on it...still tracking arc here n there...let me know what u feel
C&C's plz

Monday, October 5, 2009

illustrator me

hey guys!! i guess this is where i draw the line (literally that is!)!

i'm unfortunately temporarily having to leave animation owing to circumstances and personal reasons, and am moving onto illustrations. i've even shifted my base from bangalore to delhi!

but ofcourse, i've only stopped animation professionally, but not personally! i'll try my level best to keep doing personal animations, but professionally i can hope to return only once the grass gets greener!

i'd like to thank each and everyone of u from the bottom-most corner of my LIVER (that's way below the heart eh?!) for ur never-ending support and faith in me! guys i really owe u ALL i have become today!! and i'm sure i'll continue getting the same support from u all always!

keep in touch guys... and so will i!! and i am certain that i SHALL RETURN ONE DAY!! (so for now, let's just draw that line with a pencil!). :)


The Music

hi guys...need comments...i think this will be the final work for this new reel....
i have to look for a job..bwhahe!! may be i want to go back to my home town Chennai n find a job n stay there for some time...hehe :P

n dapoon all the best case if the monsters didnt know...dapoon moved to Delhi he working there, n he left us all alone..ass**** T.T ...hehhee!! had good times in ittina & takshaa..haha..

ok about my work, i didnt like my 11sec club didn't turn out as i expected it..over all messed it up..hehe :P

this is blocking of my new file..planning to open it up i need comments plzz
ur C&C's


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of Eyeballs!!!

Hi! Everybody,

Here is a nice post by Sony Pictures Animator, David Anthony Gibson on his blog. He has written about how he approached the Dock shots in the movie, just before it starts raining Burgers!
Good one! I found the link on Spungella.