Thursday, April 30, 2009

Safari blocking

hi guys..was working on this for past few days, well i am getting bugged sitting at home so thought to work on some stuff..n well what do u know,it turn out productive ^_^
learnt a few thing from Tom n Jerry(2d is Gold) was analyzing it for few days :P
check it out..
actually the end(gag), i just pulled a fast one..i would be glad if u guys can give me more classic ending with a good impact :) r anything i can change r work on to make it better ^_^
n yet to give expression..
as always i would appreciate ur C&C's

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena 2.0 poster

wow! had been hearing abt this since quite a while now. now when i finally saw the poster, i'm like WOW! nice character design... and great look n feel. i just hope they pull this one off!

Animation Studio: Estudio Flex, Motion Pixel Corporation, Florida.

Banner: PNC, India.

for more info, here's a link:

really glad to see indian animated movies (which are NON MYTHOLOGICAL) coming up!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who is fishing?

a very well executed stylised funny short with a message!! effective too! and it's done by monotosh mitra who works in paprikaas!! check it out!

Partly Cloudy, According to Sohn

Hey Guys, check this out:


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mark Behm's interview

Hey fellas,
You all know who mark behm is. One of my fav artist and an animator. I found an interview of his on strutyourreel. He recently published his art book called "Nightwork". Really amazing stuff. U guys got to check out the interview and his blog too. Enjoy

Interview :

Blog :


Do's and Don'ts of demo reels!

hey guys found these great pointers on the do's and don'ts of demo reels (one by carlos baena himself!). check them out! (it's got 4 videos!)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

pixar s Upisodes

Pixar is back again. Check out these "UPISODES" of the movie UP. All i can say is WOOOW


Hey people,
I am back from my art classes. It was simply great. It was like INTO THE WILD and just keep sketching . Will be uploading all my sketches soon. You guys should have heard about audiobooks. If not, then its time. Audiobooks is like a book which is been read for you. By this , we can imagine better . Just plug your headphones and keep doing what ever u wanna do. I just finished JURASSIC PARK audiobook. Woooow, it was better than watching the movie. Its better you imagine it in your own way. Thanks to ROSHAN for introducing this for me. I am just loving it. Why dont u folks give a try on JURASSIC PARK and unleash your imagination. Just goto to google and type JURASSIC PARK AUDIOBOOKS and wolllaaaaa, You can download from there and plug it on. Try it believe it.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

modifying norman rig

hey guys found this very useful blog on "modifying the norman rig". modifying rigs really scare me, so to me it's a treasure! and since most of us are using norman, i thought it'd be really useful to know how to modify him! check it out!

Need some Comments on my work

Hey Guys, Just wanted you all to check my blog for the latest works... :)
Cant really find time to upload it up here, excuse me on that! (slow connection..blah blah blah...)

Cheers and have a great weekend!


A very well executed short movie. The story can as be as simple as this is. Subtle and neat. Check it out folks. Oh by the way i am off to my art classes for about 10 days. So see you folks. Keep monsters rocking

Link for the short :


Sunday, April 12, 2009


hey guys!! what's up!! been quite a while since i last posted my work eh?? well here's my FIRST OFFICIAL lipsync assignment!! i did the vincent price rap in the MJ song thriller. i just love his voice! and man it was an AWESOME experience working on it! norman ROCKS!!! i dont think i've found ANY rig AS AMAZING AS HIM! although i STILL have to tweak it here and there (esp blake's animation), i enjoyed it from start to finish! do check it out and pour in ur precious C&C. thanks!

p.s. and yes this video is 27 secs long! i guess old habits die hard!! lol ;P

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hola! i am back!

Hey monsters,
Well well well, Guess who s back on track. Sorry folks i know i have always been a bad admin. hehe. I got my internet connection back after a long time. Had to shift to my new place, so had to go through a rough journey of shifting my internet connection. Any way, good to see loads of stuff happening at monsters and some of the new folks from other countries joining in. A BIG HEARTLY WELCOME to all of them.
Its time to take Animationmonsters to the next level , We should have done this a couple of months back when dapoon and others suggested me, but got delayed . Was stuck with some studio work. Any way, I need you guys to give suggestions to improve monsters. So here we go

1. How was your journey through animationmonsters and what do you think about the way its goin?

2. What do you think is missing at monsters?

3. How can we make it more creative, Innovative and Interesting ?

4. What do u see Animationmonsters as

a. Just another animation blog?
b. A place where we artists can share thoughts?
c. A dojo to creating original content and becoming better film makers ?

5. As a monster what would you do to improve this blog?

As i said i think its time to re think about monsters and make it big. I need you guys to suggest what ever you could think of making this blog a better place.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Doomed ! Again !

Remember this post by Chintan, about some website named xtranormal dot com ! ...he said that we are doomed ! ...then think again ...see this software known as "NaturalMotion Endorphin"'s mostly useful for ragdoll like animation, include some body-mechanics in it ...there is complete interactivity have to combine certain presets to get a desired action ...that's it does animation for you's much more to it ...just go through there website here ...see the video and you will know what you guys say ! ^-^

Jason Schleifer Time Lapse Walk Cycle

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I was on the top of the world when I met India's Great Cartoonist Mr. R.K Laxman.He Was in Bangalore to inaugurate his exhibition in IIC( Indian Institute of Cartoonist)on 6th Feb 09. Laxman, Tendulkar, Gary Larson, Brad Bird are few people I want to meet once before dying. And I met One. Every Indian know what laxman has given to Cartooning in India. HE HAS GIVEN ME TOO SOMETHING.... CHK OUT..


And I tell you there I got the opportunity to meet Master Manjunath also. Do you Guys know him. SWAMI from Malguddi Days.... :)

Friday, April 3, 2009


hey gyz,
M done with ma jump assignment. It was fun animating . I couldn't post this earlier as i'd some issues with ma blog. But now ya i could fix it. Thanx to dapoon.

Neways, i'l be waiting for c&c's.

Thank u....

Good News or Bad News... i dont know !

guys i found this site at keith lango's blog.

I must say its a brilliant example of technology converging to create something new (In this case its flash and some other 3d software)... but as keith puts it... it can well be our doomsday :(

They are not quite there yet, but might be in the future... what amazes me is that it we would take about one day at least to create about 5 secs of dialogue, here i think we can do it in about 2hrs max... what i m trying to suggest is its bloody quick tool... not gonna get feature or TV quality animations but its a great tool for PREVIS which even we guys can use it. The best part of it is if i m selecting one particular action or a gesture... i can position it where ever i want in the dialogue piece... and similarly change camera angles anywhere in the point of dialogue...

Soon enough i guess some internet giants like google or yahoo or AOL would buy this out... and who knows might even put it as an application on social networking sites like Facebook or Orkut.

Gosh the whole world would start animating and make movies :D

Nice and scary as well,
Over and Out,
Chints :D

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Acting Reference

I try and capture scenes from movies that I find interesting to use for animation reference. I'll try and upload different ones every so often for you guys to check out.

Speaking Without Speaking

This is a great scene I captured from Before the Devil Knows Your Dead. You really feel how uncomfortable Ethan Hawke is and how he's trying to get a word in, but can't. Often we overlook characters who aren't talking in a scene, but this is a great example of excellent acting without having any dialog.

Nervous/Uncomfortable from Kyle on Vimeo.