Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Doomed ! Again !

Remember this post by Chintan, about some website named xtranormal dot com ! ...he said that we are doomed ! ...then think again ...see this software known as "NaturalMotion Endorphin" ...it's mostly useful for ragdoll like animation, include some body-mechanics in it ...there is complete interactivity ...you have to combine certain presets to get a desired action ...that's it ...it does animation for you ...it's much more to it ...just go through there website here ...see the video and you will know ...now what you guys say ! ^-^


Harish k said...

hi prasad, this stuff is not new thing actually..its pretty old software.. and it does nt feel like dooms day yet...bwhahehe!! may be this kinda of animation might work for Gaming industry..sure it does have some dynamic actions...but i feel it cant come close to what ppl do in animated films n so on...again its just a software at the end of the day ur going to animated it ^_^

damncreative said...

hi prasad, woooah. I cant believe this, u know i had see this rag doll physics long time when i first started my animation career in 3d max. now look at this. there s a lot of debate s goin on the motion capture and this kinda stuff. Well as years pass, we keep upgrading the technology and it keeps getting better and better. But what i believe in is storytelling. It doesnt matter what medium one wants to use , as long as he can tell a good story m fine with it. But well for the animators working on the realistic side, "Good luck".