Friday, April 3, 2009

Good News or Bad News... i dont know !

guys i found this site at keith lango's blog.

I must say its a brilliant example of technology converging to create something new (In this case its flash and some other 3d software)... but as keith puts it... it can well be our doomsday :(

They are not quite there yet, but might be in the future... what amazes me is that it we would take about one day at least to create about 5 secs of dialogue, here i think we can do it in about 2hrs max... what i m trying to suggest is its bloody quick tool... not gonna get feature or TV quality animations but its a great tool for PREVIS which even we guys can use it. The best part of it is if i m selecting one particular action or a gesture... i can position it where ever i want in the dialogue piece... and similarly change camera angles anywhere in the point of dialogue...

Soon enough i guess some internet giants like google or yahoo or AOL would buy this out... and who knows might even put it as an application on social networking sites like Facebook or Orkut.

Gosh the whole world would start animating and make movies :D

Nice and scary as well,
Over and Out,
Chints :D


Prasad said...

Ha ha ha ...nice application ! ...frankly i don't think that it will cause animators in any wrong way ...i mean comeon ....i saw few clips, it has everything, we are taught not to put in a animation, starting from 'fingure-pointing', eye darts and so on will, i guess will become a fun thing for guys using net, to send a cool message, to express themself etc ...i don't think it will be anything else ...i tried, was fun, believe me maya is best ! :)

Dapoon said...

lol, i just tried it! haha it's nice! but i dont think this is EVER gonna replace us! i mean u cant really make a movie with a couple of buttons having default action. but this was something new!! :D

damncreative said...
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damncreative said...

I appreciate the people behind this but this cant take over creativity, I think this more like a application which can be added to windows as default . We have MS paint and stuff. This can be given it people just to play around. but definitely this doesn't affect any thing