Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sorry about the drawings being too rough...attempted with a mouse in photoshop.....`d keep posting some more if the hunt for the logo is still on.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

animation reel

Hi guys, nice meeting u alllll.....i am planing of getting into takshaa in this feb batch....i am all excited about joining here.... so here its my animation reel which i am going to submit tomo....hoho hope i get selected and learn a lot..... Happy animating harish k

Just doodling aroung

hey monsters,
I am back in action like the good old days. Just started doin some designs on flash for the logo and some random stuff. Didnt really bother to work it out properly. Just some roughs.Check it out

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Short films at daily motion

Hey Monsters,

I was just browsing through and found the below mentioned link where you can check all the short films .

She has got a few really cool films :)

Pls do ignore if you are already aware ;-)



Hi Guys
I am Just trying to accentuate what Roshan has said in next post. Nothing new I'm doing just picking up exact lines.

Roshan Said.
To participate, doesn't really mean u have to put ur blocking for critics or u must not say comments on some work just because u r a fresher.

Vinay said to me in one mail
And we need to start makin everyone participate. Its wierd in india man. very very few people take it seriously.

Comon guys its too much. Even before participating you all have to fill your Own blog.


Awesome Tips for demoreels & C.V and Cover letter

hey guys,

if you havent seen this article yet than you should spare a moment and go through it. its must must read article, i found it at (Thank You Jean Dennis).

here is the link :

thanks and regards,
Chints :D

Monday, November 26, 2007


Well, it's good to see so many guy's joined this team. Really appreciate Vinay and Kasana for this attempt. For me,Learning the craft of animation is all about experimenting and sharing the result of each experiment so that the other person can always add on what you found :) Afterall, all kind of knowledge does it's function when u share it, not when u achieve it. I think this blog is going in the right direction and doing it's purpose really good. The only thing we lack is 100% participation. To participate, doesn't really mean u have to put ur blocking for critics or u must not say comments on some work just because u r a fresher.

This is just a place to put your ideas,thoughts or suggestions on the posts.. Each post is someone's thought, realization,a new thing someone learned or someone's animation.. all these things will find a different point of view or an acting choice when it goes through another one's mind. because , we r all supposed to be creative people..and creative people think different from the normal thought flow. that 'difference..just put it in words..that's what i asked as participation. when ur thought start flowing in, it can take things to greater heights. A mere thought occurred to you can make someone's animation to a lever which he never had thought about. And that's what exactly went on our minds while starting this blog.

Now we got more than 10 guys. Definitely 10 brains makes a stronger team than 2 or 3. but only if they work together and share thoughts. so C'mon guys! get in. comment those posts..put in new posts..pitch new ideas (crazier the better) ..participate.! It's a terrible thing to see so many names in the members list only a few does all the activity!:)

And vinay, Kasana..we gotta finish off th design and logo character soon. the blog is growing each day even without participation :P.

C'mon guyz! looking out for some action in here.!!


Please critque . I m in blocking stage . before moving ahead it ll be helpful to get some tips.


New Section

Hey monsters,
I added a new section called MONSTER DOJO. Here we ill be putting up tutorials, tips and tricks made by fellow monsters. Its a gr8 way to encourage people. So lets see how far it can go.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Lipsync Idea

A trick recently learned that made my lipsync works 2 times faster. This clip is did..just the lipsync... in 20 minutes from scratch with the new way. It's just simple. only 2 controls of Moom i used to do this lil dialogue. the jaw open/close control and the one used to make narrow/wide mouths ( 'o' and 'E' shapes basically). I do this in linear mode of curves.

The trick is to get take the jaw open/close ctrl, and do one pass through the whole dialogue..just to mark where mouth opens and closes. once you get that right..make sure u get the intensity of the opens and closes right..( just like for M,P,B mouth closes and holds for 2 frames... some sounds of 'A' needs a small cusion after the opening of jaw..etc etc). After u fix that..time for first playblast. check if everything hits on the exact sound and the opens and closes are enough for the intensity of the sound.. remember..we r not thinking about 'oo's and 'Ee's nw.

Step 2 is go in and add those 'o' shapes and 'E' shapes.. same way, make sure the intensity of ur narrows and wides are good. most of the time u can put keys of the narrows and wides on the same keyframes of the Jaw that we can move around keys in timeline/dope sheet much easier. After u r happy with the narrows and wides..go ahead ,another playblast.. this is where u play around with keys,adjusting the timing and adding settles for jaw..

the whole thing won't take more than 20 minutes once u get the idea and as u finish u'll get something almost close to the exact lipsync... the next step is detail..u'll probably find so much time and room to add in minor details with other available controls like 'F',V,G mouths.. animating the tongue..adding emotions etc etc...

Happy animating...

Here's a little clip i did this way.. just open/close and Narrow/wide stuff.. it might look crappy..but u can see if u get something like this in 20 minutes and u have the whole day left to do fine-tune ..u can go Crazy :D


Friday, November 23, 2007

Its a bad day

Hey fellows,
Today i wanna share something i always experience. I am sure even u guys would ve experienced it. Somedays r real bad, Dunno y. Everything goes down to drain. Ur animation doesnt happen, Ur shots will not be done.Or ur assignment gets screwed up. hmmmm. Y? How to solve this prob .. who the hell knows. hehe.

i personally think takin a break would really help. U would ve done loads of animation from weeks. Or would ve involved in the same. So ur brain is overloaded with tons and tons of data. One day its just blows up. That is the day u feel like u had enough.Well it happened to me yesterday. I was blacked out. Couldn do any thing. Just went home early and slept off. Today feeling fresh. hehe. u just need to switch off and do something else or take rest. Thats the best remedy. Or watch movies,play games.Do what ever u want to divert from animation. Manu Ittina always used to tell us tht growth doesnt happen constantly ,It always has ups and downs. So live with it. Keep ya energies high.Keep rocking.

Thats it for now :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

victor navone' s thumbnails

Hey folks,
Thumbnails are really really important. Check out this link . It ill help u guys a lot


Monday, November 19, 2007

Pushing your 1st pass by ANIMATIONAAC

Hey guys. Found a nice article called "PUSHING YOUR FIRST PASS". Its amazing. I think u all guys ve faced this. After blocking , when u go to 1st pass, animation looks floaty and bad. Thats the point where u loose all ya energy and feel like banging ya head. So just read up this article. Its amazing and helpful

link :

Also go through the tutorials of our gr8 animation master KEITHLANGO. Just go to the MONSTERS COOKIES SECTION. U ill find ther


Using video footage

Hey monsters,
I had a gr8 weekend. Was in some other world. U guys know as to wat exactly i mean. Ne way. Check this out. This is a article on how to take footage for animation. Its awesome. Takin video footage is not a easy job. 1st u need to ve a proper plan in ya head. Wat kinda acting u need? wat r the elements ur gonna put in and stuff. Take a look. It ill help u guys a lot


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Clay mation- Bunnies

monster buddies ...gotta watch this one !!! It's simple and cute. anybody getting inspiration to do a Clay or Stop motion flick? let's discuss that later:)


Verdi - Traviata - Choeur Bohémiens

hi again,

check out this clay animation, very smooth and nice too!


'Beowulf' Defies Animation Label

hey lil monsters,

I found this link on Victor Navone's Blog. Check it out! It is a debate about motion-capture as animation!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Box jumping assignment

ooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... monsters,

please do check out the box jumping animation (it seems) which was done as a part of the assignment.
Let me know your valuable C&C's :-)

ooooooooorrr happy animating,

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

killerbean forever

U guys would ve seen a short called KILLERBEAN by JEFF LEW. It was a unique piece. Now he has made a movie out of it. It took him 4 yrs. And he s the only animator who worked on it. Damn.This has to be appreciated


Motion Capture or Creative Animation?

Hi! Fellow Monsters,

Please follow the link below which leads to Victor Navone's blog where he has written about Motion Capture in Animation getting Oscars and how disturbing it is. It is a debatable issue.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Interview with Jason Schleifer - A MUST READ !

Inspiring, informative !

go to the link:

have fun !

Some more try

Hi Monsters.
I tried few more sketches according to inputs given by Vinay, Roshan n chandu. I was trying some small alteration. please look these and give some inputs. please be explicit while commenting. like which char. you like, why you like or don't like. which part needed to be work out. If you don't like even single design please feel free to comment.
Another thing we have to pick a name for the character also. if you some option please let us know.

Com on monsters. stay active and make it happening...... :)



I was trying some sketches when this came out. I feel there is some character like this but no idea where I saw. please tell me if somebody knows one character similar to this. since yesterday I getting curious to know ...... :)


Please Fill up your profile.

Hi Monsters
Please fill up your profile. I think this is second post in this regard.
Nobody know who is who. Please let us know you.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Assignments!!!!!!! arrrrrrr. Wanna try something of ur own?

hey folks,
just wanted to share a small experience. U ve been told wat to animate. U ve been given deadlines. U ve been doin the same old animation from weeks and ur quite not getting it. arrrrrrrrrr frustrating isnt it? So wats the solution. Leave the assignment and start doin something of ya own. yeahhhhh. Thats some cool thing to do right?..... WRONG

Hehe generally our tendency is to animate something wat we want. yes thats true. Thats how u learn .But experimenting before u finish ya homework is bad. Finish ya assignment first. Its the top priority. Then start experimenting. u ill do a better job as u ve done ya assignment and u know wat and wat not to do. One more thing is MAKE YA ASSIGNMENTS INTERESTING. Sometimes u ill be given some tests which r pretty straight forward. So the challenge is to make it interesting and appealing rather than trying out some new stuff. Ther s always time for tht.
Its as good as this. Ur working is a studio and u ve been given a shot. And client wants it in a certain way. U cant start doin it in your own way.
And often u loose ya energy and all ya shots start gettin kinda shitty. So u need to find some stuff to keep u alive all the time. Shawn kelly the GR8 has written a article on " RECHARGING YOUR ANIMATION BATTERIES" . u guys got to read this.

Thats it for now. Keep rocking and never loose hope. Try and try till u suceed. AND WORK SMART


11 second club PRIZE!!!!!! ITS COOL

Hey folks,
Had a short break for diwali. It was fun. M sure u guys enjoyed too. Ne way. check this out the prize for 11 secondclub winners. They ill get a ECRITIQUE from a mentor from animation mentor. Thats awesome man. Who doesnt want a crit frm gr8 animators around the globe.

Here s the link

And I a new section called MONSTER COOKIEJAR. Here u will find all the animation resources, Rigs , Scripts....Thats it for today.


Friday, November 9, 2007




Jump test

Hi guys,
I `ve just done the blocking (more or less) of my Jump assignment. Although there`s a lot left to work on like the timing,the poses etc., I thought comments at this level would help a lot. I`m still confused about the ending though. Should I stick to this one or adopt the Wile E Coyote`s (of the roadruner series) popular `hanging in mid air` stint before falling??thx.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Guys Fill Your Profile

Hey folks,
plz fill ur profile. Its easier for others guys to know each other. It helps to communicate better. Plz do it as soon as possible. And keep the posts comin.

Vinay (ADMIN)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Here is few more sketches for the character with expression. still not convinced but feeling very close. please comment and give suggestion.


Monday, November 5, 2007

WIP - Box Test jump animation

Bonjour Guys,

I have just done a Box jump test animation and it is still in progress. Please do let me know your valuable c&c.


A test!


Hey guys
Me and kasana were working on the logo yesterday. We came up with some nice characters. This is the initial design after so much filtering. And special thnx to graphic crap for his valuable ideas .Give us reviews and suggestions tht would help us improve the design. Ne way check it out